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What's your favourite MI game, and why.


Which Monkey Island is your favourite?  

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  1. 1. Which Monkey Island is your favourite?

    • Secret of Monkey Island
    • Monkey Isand 2: Lechuck's Revenge
    • Curse of Monkey Island
    • Escape from Monkey Island

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Personally, the games go from best to worst. MI1 was absolutely amazing, with the graphics just delicious, and the adventure flowing through the game. I loved the humor in it, and the way that It made you feel so bad for Guybrush at times, BUT SOMETIMES, he was an amazing hero. MI1 Score: 101%.


The second was so close behind, you can barely tell. I dont think i need to talk about all of its pro's, there being 100's, but I have been playing MI1 sence age 4. There's just no beating childhood memories. MI2 Score: 99%


MI3 was just a small step down. I did NOT enjoy the voices very much, and one dissapointment was Stan. He looked like an intimidating wrestler, and his voice was far too low. Looking back, it had a funny plotline and was actually very amusing. 97%.


When I actually played MI4, it made me smile. Many of the jokes were funny, the game was long, and brought me back to the islands of Melee and Monkey. Perhaps these were the reasons that I like the game the amount I do, but other than those pro's, this game did not stand up to the level of the others. It took too many radical turns, and there was too much ridiculous stuff going on. After first playing MI1, if someone would have told me that the giant monkey head was a huge robot, I would have cried. In context with the rest of the ludacris MI4, though, it seemed to fit. This game does not measure with the rest, but still gets a whopping 89%.

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Originally posted by Al-back from the BigWhoop

how could you not like MI3 humor??? it was the funnier imo, MI4 was the silliest.

(im really curious, wot MI4 jokes you found awsome...erm...ly funny?)


After playing CMI again I found that it had the best humor after all.

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Originally posted by Al-back from the BigWhoop

im really curious, wot MI4 jokes you found awsome...erm...ly funny?

The pirate transmogrification school bit was so incredibly funny. I think the funniest thing in the whole series.


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Escape from Monkey Island because its 3d and the story is realy good, and its avalible to ps2, its realy cool, and the jokes are funny, the puzlles, and the whole game is the most evolved technique of all...I played all parts and i say Monkey Island 4!!!

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Wow, I started this thread about three years ago.


...And it lives on [sniffs back tear. Becomes sentimental.] Is this a record or something?


Any way, I'm now more indecisive than I was three years ago, and my ranking is thus;


1. SMI, LCR and CMI

2. EMI


I like this order the best.

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Not really a record, oldish threads get bumped all the time, this is one of the few that hasn't actually annoyed anyone enough to get closed because frankly, this discussion could very well go on forever.

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1: MI2 and CMI. I love them both in a different, yet equal way. They're the most atmospheric.

2: Classic, but characters weren't quite as quirky and funny. But believe me, I LOVED it!

3: EMI wasn't as fun. It was almost a chore to play. And Guybrush was less funny than a three-year-old who has just found out what a joke was. :c

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Omg, spent 15minutes rating them like "Al-back from the BigWhoop" did and messed it up - anyway, the results were:


1 - LCR (17 pts)

2 - SoMI (15 pts)

3 - EfMI (6 pts)

4 - CoMI (0 pts; unplayed)

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Wow. I have not spoken of Monkey Island in like...forever.


My personal favorite, however, was the second one. Followed by Curse. Then Secret. Then Escape.


If you ask me, the whole 3d thing was kinda eh, and the controls were a bit messed up and stuff. As for the first one, I liked it but of course once developers get the first one under their belt, they're more likely to produce a better one the next time around, which they did. Curse was good, I liked the plot and the way it was drawn as well. But LCR was awesome. I liked the different islands thing, it was fantastic.


I wish they'd come out with a Monkey Island 5. Obviously they won't at this point, but it would be so cool if they did. :(

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My detailed analysis:



1 - MI2. A quest for four map pieces to the greatest treasure of all time that leads you into the clutches of your worst enemy. Lots of background story too.

2 - MI3. Similar to that of MI1 but with more background story.

3 - MI1. Typical story. Villain steals your love interest, you set out to save her, showdown with villain, with a twist at the end.

4 - MI4. Uhh. Something to do with tourists and a land developer with a bad Australian accent.



1 - MI3. It's not 3D but it looks so much better than MI4. Beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds and characters. By far the most good-looking game of all time. I'm judging these by how good they look by the way, not resolution or anything like that.

2 - MI2. Hand drawn also but low resolution. Had almost as good atmosphere as MI3.

3 - MI4. The background were nice but the characters stuck out horribly off the backgrounds. And the character models weren't much to look at. But to be fair, it was better than in MI1

4 - MI1. Well, as far as graphics go it's not much to look at. I think it was done on paint.



1 - MI3. WOWEE! What can I say? It's the best soundtrack of any game ever. It draws you into the game and the sounds make you feel like you're there. Great ambience but with a strong tune and great adventure music.

2 - MI2. Some very good original tunes. Woodtick was especially good. My favourite was the music in Largo's room.

3 - MI4. This was pretty good. But had bad tunes as well as good. At least it had music running through the entire game. The ambience was annoying though and drew from the environment.

4 - MI1. Some good tunes but there were only a couple and a few were irritating.



1 - MI2. I thought it was a great ending. I didn't find it too confusing. It was like how a book ends and says "But it was all a dream... or was it?" I don't know of any other games that did this. Probably one of the most controversial endings too.

2 - MI4. I don't know about everyone else but I liked the "Herman is Marley" idea. Not very well explained but for me, a very satisfying ending.

3 - MI1 and MI3. I liked them both and they were pretty similar. Both had a romantic ending.



1 - MI2. Some bits were a little harsh but oh so funny. The 'bust' jokes at the Elaine's place. And the Phatt island guard.

2 - MI3. Very close between 2 and 3. I loved the barbershop quartet tryouts. And swindling a budding young entrepeneur.

3 - MI1. Most of the humor was in the characters and conflicts. Insult swordfighting was great.

4 - MI4. The jokes were either lude or smothered with corn. Did like the jokes about the Jambalaya waitress.


Overall, MI2 wins, followed by MI3 then MI1 then MI4.

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LCR, perfection from the beggining to the end.


SMI is fantastic aswell but lacks of the deep of MI2, and the sense of freedom some of you have commented.


CMI is killed by its end (it surprised me, once you become a kid it's too short, and it just doesn't match the huge amount of info per dialogue that fills the whole game, it seems they were in a hurry to end up the game or something like that).


EMI, no comments, it seems a totally different game and isn't worth to wear the Monkey Island words on its title.

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1. Curse was the first one I played, so I do have a biased attachment to it. I love cartoons and 2D animation, so I enjoy its look the best. Bill Tiller also did some breathtaking backgrounds. The music was magnificent, and the environment immersive. I also thought it was the funniest.


2. I like MI2 for its thrilling plot. You're wanted everywhere, and you know LeChuck is making a plan to kill ya.


3. MI1 was good as well, what can I say?


4. EMI relied way too heavily on pop culture references. I know MI uses pop culture jokes, but this is first time it's taken the center plot. It also completely ignored what the previous games established (ex. see Herman Toothrot). CMI at least had an optional segment that explained everything in detail about what happened between the two games.

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I am kind of surprised to see MI2 so highly ranked. I remember when it first came out it seemed like everyone HATED the ending and were ready to stage riots in the streets! I'm not sure MI3 ever really explained the ending to MI2, although I do think they made some jabs at it.


Anyway, the first three were all great. I went with 3 because of Murray, but 1 and 2 are the true classics that started it all. MI4 may not rank up there, but it one of the few 3D Adventure games I have ever been able to make it all the way through.


Only Day of the Tentacle comes close to the MI series.

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