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Von Beck's Revenge

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Ok, I just finished this evil level and I thought

I would pass along a few hints because the walkthrough

I looked at was pretty vague. First of all 90% of

this level is very easy and after about 40 attempts

I can say that there's no real trick to most of the

level. So that leaves the remaining 10% which will

cause you to pull most of your hair out. Somewhere

near the halfway point the ground will being falling

away and before you will be 2 pits pretty close

together. If you swing short, half of the time you

end up in pit #1, swing long and you end up in pit

#2. The walkthrough says to cut the swing short -

but that's really not all you should do. As you

come close to the edge of pit #1, jump but don't

swing immediately - let Indy just kinda hang out

there and then quickly swing and release - this

will pretty much guarantee you will land between

the two pits. The pause before the swing is the

key. A couple of other hints - I remapped the

keys so that I didn't use the mouse for just

this level and that way I could easy center

Indy left/right when he went off track. Indy

will naturally center himself at times so most

of the time just make sure he's kinda close to

the middle and you should be able to complete

the level 30% of the time :)

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I play the XBox version, since my computer sucks, and at that part I cut my swing short, but I continue to hold move forward, but you have to go really fast to rewhip the next one. Usually the case is you slip right off the edge of the center. Too bad LEC didn't make them close enough for a doubleswing.


If only people could do that in real life...

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Originally posted by Schmatz

Too bad LEC didn't make them close enough for a doubleswing.


I think that's part of the challenge...


I don't know how many times I tried, but it took a few hours. I remapped the keys so jump was on the right mouse buton, it made it very easy to control his jumping and whipping. (Also did that for the underworld level).


I held down forward the entire time and didn't wait to whip when jumping. I just released the whip a little earlier than usual. That landed him between the pits and gave me just enough time to jump and whip again.


This was, for me, the hardest level in the game, but it was also fun and challeging.

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I just saw this on Theraider.net. I sure hope this works.



Instead of a save, here's a handy work around:


1. Go into your ET folder (usually C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb) and select GameData, then indy, then levels. You'll see all the ET levels.


2. Make a copy of the Von Beck's Revenge file (M09_Tomb_04.sls). A simple "Copy of M09..." will do.


3. Copy another level (something simple like the first level, M01_SriLanka_01.sls) and rename it "M09_Tomb_04.sls".


4. Load up ET and play Von Beck's Revenge. The level loaded will be the one you copied and renamed instead of the actual Von Beck's Revenge level. Play through it and get to the next level, then exit.


5. Go back to the levels folder and delete "M09_Tomb_04.sls" (the new level) and rename the copy of M09 to the correct name.


And you're done!

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...that's by far the lamest thing I've heard in a while. WHY DOESN'T EVERYONE JUST MAKE COPIES OF THE FIRST LEVEL AND BEAT THE GAME LIKE THAT! I mean come on. Like said previously, what's the point in getting the game? Where's the challenge? You payed for the game you might as well get as many hours as you can out of it. I'll admit it wasn't easy, but in the end I did finish it, and when I did, I felt proud of myself. Because I took the challenge, and no matter how long it was gonna take, I did it, and I kicked ass.

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Thats the point i was trying to get across to you, i spent 80 dollers canadian on this game, im not about to cheat to pass a level that alone pobably costed me 5-10 dollers, as you can tell im a cheap person but, you gotta squeeze every penny.

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I hate this level.




And I really wish it didn't take so long with the fade-out and the game to re-load. It really kills any momentum you might have built up.




Thank you.


Back to the game.


Or maybe I should take a break... my arm seems to be numb from the elbow down.


Did I already say that I really hate this level?

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I can't finish this level. I'm about to give up on the game altogether. I've literally spent at least 3 hours on this level today alone,.. and about 10 (or more) since I got to this level. I must have hit 'Continue' 500+ times by now.

I know where I have to make what moves, but I just don't seem fast or twitchy enough to execute them properly.

It seems a shame to come this far and get stumped so close to the end, but I just can't seem to make any progress... and I don't want to end up spending more time on this one level than I did on the entire rest of the game.


I hate to give up and/ or use a cheat,.. but I really can't see spending any more time on this. It's just not fun anymore. So I think it's either cheat, or quit.


Some choice. :(


Maybe I should quit playing altogether for a few days,.. or start a new game and work my way back to this point and then maybe I'll be in a better state of mind to try it again. Or maybe I should just play something else and get away from it for a while.


I'd really like to have a talk with the guy(s) who designed this level.


Sorry to dump this on you all,.. but venting like this makes me feel better, and brings back a little optimism that I might actually be able to do it eventually.


But not tonight. Both of my wrists hurt from the effort. I need to take a break.

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Put the game away for a while. I think I played it for 15 minutes when I got to the level and then I went to bed. Next day I played for a few hours, but couldn't complete it. I played for another 15 minutes before I went to bed and completed it :)

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Yeah,.. I pulled it out of the CD drive and put it in the case up on the shelf. If it's in the PC there's too much temptation to give it another try right away.

I didn't play it at all yesterday.

I'll give it another try this weekend.

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Bloody von Beck.


It takes 5 - 10 minutes to load the level and 5 - 10 seconds to experiment and inevitably die.


If I ever pass this level and I meet von Beck in a later level, I'm gonna beat the living daylights out of him for the frustration he's caused.

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I'm pretty sure he dies at the end. But then,.. I wouldn't really know yet. :rolleyes:

I still haven't finished it yet,.. but then I haven't played it recently either. When I did play it last I started a new game from the beginning on the highest difficulty setting and played through that as far as I could get on one try.


This level sure annoyed a lot of people. It's not just me. One reviewer I read quit before finishing this level. (Didn't give the game an exactly glowing review because of it either.) It seems unbalanced in it's difficulty compared to the rest of the levels in the game. Either the rest of the levels, (which generally took me 2 to 10 attempts to get all the way through,) were WAY too easy,.. or this one was too hard.


I think you can all guess which side I come down on.

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in my opinion the level rock!:D ,it was difficult but no imposible it takes practise. I wish all levels where as hard as this one. I should also mention i dont buy many games so i want all my games to last forever:D :D :D

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