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Toy Show and my Findings


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Well, I got back from this year's first toy show (well, first to the place I go regularly) and by, did I snatch up some nice stuff!


First, I got some Trek stuff... You don't care about that, but let's just say I have finished off my 9" collection of the crew of TOS with Dr. McCoy... Ummm, right, no one cares...


Onto SW...


I got two 12" band members, 15 bucks each. I now have the entire Cantina Band 12" guys! And in total, they cost less than retail price! :D


Next, I got Deluxe Obi-Wan and Jango Kamino, 15 bucks each. Boy, these guys are soooooo cool. I wish I had them as a kid to play with. Obi is the coolest deluxe guy I think that has been released yet :)


Also, I got Mace Arena, Rebel Trooper Saga, and R2 flight for 6 bucks each. I saw the rest I needed (excluding Aaylaa Secura and Bariss Offee) for 10 bucks or more. I took a pass.


Also, I got 2 Hong Kong Clonetroopers. That is the one shooting and one marching. Cost me 10 for the 2 :cool:


I could have gotten Jorg Sacul for 60 *kicks self in head* and some Disney Droids for 15 each. Oh well, those will go down before they go up in price I would think :)

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I forgot to post what I found in June's Show (non-SW). It was a custom 12" Indy as a German Soldier with bazooka from Raiders of the Lost Ark. From the same guy, I got 12" Customs Indy in white tux, Lao Che, and Indy in suit with glasses all from Temple of Doom.


In the Star Wars area, I got the clone 3 pack with the blue guy. I wanted green or yellow (green because I don't have that color, yellow for the binocs) and passed up a yellow to find the green. When I came back for the yellow, some guy was buying it :mad: I had the choice between blue or white, so I took blue.


Also, got some of wave 14: Anthony Daniels and WA-7 for 8. Saw all the rest for 12 but Ahmed Best. Even saw Elan Sleezbagano, Obi-Wan, Bail Organa, Padme Lars Homestead, and the red Twi'lek for 20-30 each.

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Originally posted by daring dueler

obviuosly so, lt. fantonie(sp?) in the newest emperor wave, der!

the guy in the night club dressed in blue, is played by anthony daniels.


Yeh, sorry, I thoguht you meant like a Anthony Daniels figure not Star Wars. My mistake.

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