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Damn the Shamalans...

Guest indy_x

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Guest Jamison

This is something I posted about 12 hours ago under a topic named Ice Guardian. Look around before you ask these questions please. If you are still stuck after you search, then post away.


>>You can't shoot him with normal weapons. When you first walk into the room, go into the building to the near left. Climb to the top and pull a block out. Now go back down. Go into the building at the far right, climb to the top and run across the falling floor into the building to the far left. Jump across the bridge. NOw jump to the building to the near right. Keep climbing to the top. Now make your way to the building to the far right again (only this time you will be higher up than before) You will have to use your whip to get across one of these jumps. Inside the building you will find a peice of the machine. Now use it to kill the ice monster (when he is really close)...now use it on the ice block that is cracked to exit the level.<<






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