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ForceMod II - Final beta feedback


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Every time I come here to report bugs there's a new build. ;)


With this latest build I'm getting constant crashes. :(

I don't know why. I'm only using models and maps that came with the game.


With the other builds, I was getting some crashes as well... but not this many.

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I forgot to change the jetpack anim...i'm going to get a different one in there, and i was experimenting.

My modview doesn't work too well, so i've had to do it the hard way. :)


I'll check that ammo thing....they're 'spose to regen if they have less than 50 of their regen-able ammo.


rut-wa jodar:

the cvar is g_forcePowerDisable.

You have to set it to "131072", and only saberthrowing will be disabled.


robbie mcm:

The missiles don't lose a lock when they're pushed, so what you're seeing is the missile re-aquiring the target after having been pushed away.



Can you get me a list of other mods you have installed? Also, delete your jk2mpconfig.cfg and games.log from your forcemod directory.

Do you have any other mods, even if they're mini-mods?

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Looks very good. I like the flying Watto bot...


The Mandalorian bots are doing the jetpack thing too. Here's a screenie.


Weird Jetpack Animation


EDIT: An addition idea for the class.cfg is adding the Jedi/Sith Rank for the bots (ie. Noble Sith or True Jedi). This is because I've been noticing Darth Maul use a lot of light side powers recently and he never has before.


Also, the bot's saber type could be added to make it easier (ie. Double Blade, Two Sabers, Single Blade, Lightsaber and Guns)


And if you really wanted to take it a step farther, you could add the scaling in the same file as well....just a thought.


One question:


I really like the Maw/Watto bot thing. Is there a way for the player to do this if they're using those models?


EDIT #2: It does not work when I select for the Mandalorian models to only have the jetpacks. All models will use it. This wasn't the case last time.

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I tested out the mod!!!! It's great


but yes --if we can see the reticle visible in the optic radar--and to show the optic radar in the 3rd person view that would be great!


what I found was I couldn't choose my saber colour when I chose my player model when creating a server--Choosing my saber colour could only be done in the setup menu at the begining where the Mod selecting is made---I wish that this mod gave us an option to change our players saber colour in the player menu because with different saberhilts to choose from we will want different saber colours for the blades


yes I think this is a great mod but can we add the rocket launching from jango or boba fett's back--I have another mod that does this--and it would be a great addition


thank you


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Things I noticed:


The Force powers menu does not save the dark side and light side powers within the menu system itself (you can still allot the powers for use). However, the standard force powers and the saber force powers save perfectly.


On two separate occasions, when playing in a ffa against one other Jedi bot, upon my death I would be thrown out to the Player Configuration menu. (Then, when I clicked on Join, I spawned without my dark side powers because the dark side powers do not save in the menu.)


The grapple hook, when it touches another player, causes them to die immediately.


The grapple hook still falls to the ground when it connects to a wall or ceiling. (This occurrence can most easily be seen if you fire at a wall in front of you, then when the grapple pulls you to that point, the grapple hook can be found under your feet.)


There is still a 100 model icon limit.


In ffa_deathstar Merc bots with jetpacks will sometimes use there jetpacks to bury half their body into the ceilings of hallways, and will stay there for quite some time (probably until their battery pack runs out). There's maybe nothing that can be done about that though.


Merc bots seem to use their Shield Regenerator more than they used to. However, there are times that they can be observed running around with 0 shields and they don't recharge even though they have plenty of battery power to do so.


I've never seen Merc bots use their Ammo Regeneration.


Scouts do not use cloak.


When double bladed bots die, they switch to hold a Stun Baton.


The default saber still looks a little flat in the pose I described before. However, the rest of sabers are great!

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Originally posted by Azymn

rut-wa jodar:

the cvar is g_forcePowerDisable.

You have to set it to "131072", and only saberthrowing will be disabled.


Thanx for that :D but unfortunately it also disables all of the bots remaining force powers as well but leaves players force intact. This is not a bug in your mod it`s a bug in JK2`s coding.

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Im not in beta, but I have a question...

A lot of beta testers talk about a 100 icon model limit, but my unmoded JK2 shows up to 128 icons (that's about 1/4 of my total models/skins).

I would like to see the features from JA into ForceMod (multi duels, stats, and black coloring).

Good luck on whatever is left, I'm eager to play the public release.

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When I first d'l the latest beta f4 my bots were functioning properly (f_powerbots at 1). However, now my bots are using force powers not allotted to them. In my autoexec.cfg file I typed in seta f_powerbots 1 to be safe and still this problem occurs. I also use my own personal cfg files for specific characters I wish to play, however in these I set my desired model type and bind keys.

This is the second time this has happend. The first time it happend I re-downloaded the beta (replacing all the files and folders as orderd) which brings me to now.



After deleting a jk2mpconfig from both my base and forcemod folders, and also placing my personal cfg player files in my forcemod folder, the problem with f_powerbots 1 is now gone. :) I hope... :)



On another note, optic rader doesn't seem too work against mind trickers at level 3 or higher. Edit: My mistake, it does work :)



F_powerbots 1 problem has returned:( Seems that all the bots have the same force powers regardless of my botfiles.

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A few questions for ya Syrup (I'm totally diggin the mod!)...


What do these cvars do? (I'm nosey like that. :))










Also, there seems to be a bit of redundancy redundancy... cf_hidegriphand/f_showgriphand... f_scaledamage/mod_scaledamage... etc. Are all these necessary, and should I set them all so as not to conflict with one another? (Yoda runs like a bat out of hell and I can't seem to fix it.)


Lastly, a couple game questions and one itty bitty buggy...


What happened to mod_timescale? I miss that. :(


If I want to limit jetpack flight time/distance to say... oh maybe twice that of using ForceJump lvl 4, is there a way to do that? (I'm mostly thinking of bots here... Jango has on occasion turned into a jetpack whore & the only way to rid myself of him is use that blasted saber throw.) I don't mind if jetpack users can land and almost immediately take off again... I just want the suckers to have to land sometime!


I can set sabers to be brutally lethal using g_saberDamageScale (hehee) but what about blasters? Is there a g_saberDamageScale equivalent for blasters? Basically I want two or three successful hits, be it by saber, blaster, whatever, to be lethal. After all, these guys aren't throwing kittens at one another. :p


Can we still play non-team skinned models in team games? I tried a team-based ffa the other day and half my models disappeared and the Jango bot appeared w/out textures.


Lil Bug report:


Bots using saberthrow are a lost cause. One toss and they're running around defenseless, hopelessly unable to recover their sabers. I'd be happy if there was a cvar just to disable bot saber throwing. (I know, I need to fix their personality files) IMHO it's a cheap and silly force power anyway.

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I too am a botfile tinkerer. Recently I got smart enough to keep my botfiles in a separate pk3 from the models so they're easy to edit - so it's really no problem to fix the saber throw thinggie.


And I agree, the addition of 8 emotional attachments is great! Now most of the Jedi Council get along. :)

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Same link, as before.


Q: I really like the Maw/Watto bot thing. Is there a way for the player to do this if they're using those models?

A: set cf_jet 5 . It might need cheat protection?


Q: a)Could I PLZ beta test for you?

A: Sorry BongoBob, we're almost done...

Q: b)Have you decided a good solid release date for FORCEMOD II?

A: Sooner than you think :D


Q: What happened to mod_timescale? I miss that.

A: It's still in there afaik...it's a server command.


Q: What do these cvars do? (I'm nosey like that. )



cf_side (in menus)- new force side

cf_merc (in menus) - if merc or not

cf_class (in menus) - merc subclass #

f_mercjump - level of forcejump for mercs

f_spinjump - unused, was for spinning jump anim

f_firearms - was used for unfinished custom pistols (like custom hilts)

f_nts - obsolete


Q: Also, there seems to be a bit of redundancy redundancy... cf_hidegriphand/f_showgriphand... f_scaledamage/mod_scaledamage... etc. Are all these necessary, and should I set them all so as not to conflict with one another?

A: f_showgriphand and other clientside cvars starting with "f_" are gone, replaced by "cf_" counterparts; f_scaledamage allows for inverse scaling and adjusted proportions, mod_scaledamage does not.




New cvars:


-"0" No changes

-"1" Default skins will be used during team games



-"0" Bot saberthrow disabled

-"1" No changes



-"0" No changes

-"#.#" Float value multiplied by all non-saber and non-falling damage


Changes/Bug fixes:

- Jetpack anim fixed

- Bots should use forcepowers a bit more

- Jetpack bots should be more conservative

- Shield regen rates tweaked

- Bot jetpack limits should work now

- f_powerbots should work properly now

- Reticle now visible with Optic Radar on

- 100 model limit will remain in effect. The fix had caused other problems.

- Using g_forcePowerDisable on specific powers will no longer prevent bots from using all forcepowers

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I haven't posted for a while, so I don't know if this has been said:

When you use saberthrow, your model still goes into the defensive stance. Also sometimes when I am blocking laser fire, the player puts his saber into that defensive stance to block fire, I don't stay in the stance, but it gets annoying.


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I know this is bad form, but every post I've read by that Omni guy leads me to believe he's somewhat of a turkey. (Did he ever release the source code for OmniMod as promised?)


Anywho, the builds just keep getting better and better. I don't know how you do it Azymn, but I'm sure glad you do! The bots use their jetpacks almost flawlessly now - it's a genuine thing of beauty to behold. (I just watched Mace Windu & Jango go at it in spectator mode for about twenty minutes - it was a real hoot!)


Thanks so much for the addition of a blaster damage modifier & for pointing out that mod_timescale is still there. I'm finding great fun in cranking up damage and putting the game in slo-mo - one small misstep and it's goodnight Irene - very tense and cinematic.


I did uncover one more small anomaly though... using g_forceBasedTeams in a Team FFA game leads to some pretty weird stuff. Basically, from what I could figure out, Jedi will only attack Mercs and Mercs only attack Jedi - regardless of team status. Yet damage is still team-based, so unless friendly fire is active, it's pretty harmless. Weirder still is when you factor in bot emotional attachments, which are still honored. I don't know if it merits fixing, but I thought I'd dutifully mention it anyway.


Personally, I'm dying for this to go live and servers adopt it - everyone is going to love it!

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i'm not even one of the testers and i'm getting excited just reading about this stuff. I guess I really shoul'dnt be posting in this thread, but I got just a few questions myself.


Everything sounds exciting, but I know my heart will just be crushed if I found out that the lightsaber damage in this mod is set to "wiffle' bat status. I already read up on the stuff you posted on the main site about the lightsaber changes, and I don't think I need much clarifying in that area. However, when it comes down to it, there's only one thing a lightsaber needs to be a successful weapon, and that's DAMAGE. I guess just about anyone could answer these simple questions.


1.) Is the saber powerful? I.e., it's not abysmal ala 1.04. If so, let's say I made a guy stand there, how many swings would it take?


2.) Some people keep mentioning that they're killing jetpackers with saber throw. Granted, they were fighting BOTS, but from my experiences, any gunner worth his salt is not going to be killed by the measley saber throw. Is there something about it in Forcemod that i'm missing?


3.) You got the double and twin sabers in there. Granted, there's probably going to be all kinds of clipping and wierd looking stuff going on with them, but how did you do damage scaling with them also? are they just fancier wiffle bats, weaker than normal, etc?


I ask these questions because, well, I am a saberist as far as JO goes. I hate playing sabers only, I want to fight Jango and the rest, but there's simply no competing when your opponent's guns heavily outclass your sword, not only in explosive range but damage as well. The way I see it, you could give me 32 stances, 52 different saber blade designs, and another 90 version of force pull/push, and it all would mean diddly squat if I had to rush after and hit my gunner opponent more than twice. A mod can have all kinds of features and cool things, but I think you can just as quickly kill all of your mods accomplishments if the balance factor heavily favors the DOOM/QUAKE style of play, i.e. rockets, blasts, and more guns.


You really don't need level 4 force powers to be in your mod if the jedi class can all be easily wiped out by rocket/blaster spam. I know I'm sounding like a whiner, but I'm just curious. There's only been a total of TWO quality mods that acknowledged the need for 'lethal sabers', and other popular mods ignored this. They had the cool sitting animations, the rocket packs this, the jet guns that, but their sabers were still wiffle bats. It was RPG central, and when the guns came out there were no jedi left :). No sense in me getting excited over having the chance to run around like Yoda, if I learn that it won't be so fun when they hand me my standard issue wiffle bat. ;)

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Doctor Shaft - I hope Azymn doesn't mind, but allow me to put some of your fears to rest.


First and foremost, you can have ridiculously lethal sabers right out of the box simply by using the server command g_saberDamageScale - I believe this cvar is stock jkII, not from a mod (though I could be mistaken). Personally, I have mine set to 5 and even the biggest, baddest, most heavily shielded wookie would be lucky to survive two or three swings from that whiffle bat. ;) In fact they're so lethal, I have to use ForceMod's f_saberIdleDamage cvar just to tone them down when they aren't being swung. (Otherwise, just brushing up against an opponent is enough to deliver a mortal wound.)


Don't worry, you most certainly can have devastating sabers.


For me, the real joy of ForceMod is it hasn't left blaster-toting foes out in the cold. They have plenty of gadgets and abilities, like jetpacks and ammo regeneration (and improved bot ai) that help balance them with Jedi/Sith. And with the addition of the f_scaleFirearmDamage cvar, they too can vanquish an opponent with as little as two or three well placed shots.


Really it's all there in the cvars - your mileage will vary depending on how you or your server set them up. Whiffle bats/lightning rods... fusion cannons/squirt guns - you can make it what YOU want. The beauty is how much more control, options and diversity has been added to gameplay.


Trust me, this mod is a heckofva lot more than just a bunch of silly emotes, saber hilts, and miscellaneous eye candy. Frankly, I think Azymn's put more thought into its substance than some of the original developers of jkII itself. Really, it's that good.

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