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ForceMod II - Final beta feedback


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Well, that's good news to hear. I won't be putting any servers up personally, except for a little lan gaming against one other person.


What you said is definitely encouraging though. The only concern I have now is that if everything is customizable, I can only hope that the servers that do become available don't decide to run everything by 1.04 standards. I'll keep crossing my fingers. Cheers.

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Azymn, a few more comments/requests...


I too had the fortune of fighting a dual-bladed bot (Maul) and happened upon splitting his saber in two. Watching him then come at me with two sabers was amazing! Brilliant coding there!


Any chance of dropping in my suggestion of adding a little of the ForceSpeed motion blur effect to ForceJump? Strictly for eye candy purposes (like the movies). If it's a hassle, nevermind. :)


How bout a cvar, like cf_hidegriphand to turn off the white spawn bubble?


Is there anyway to get Light Side bot ai to use ForceHeal (they seem obsessed solely with MindTrick)?


I really like how some of the cvars take a percentage integer. How bout a cvar to allow us to assign the probability of bot jetpack usage?


This may or may not be a good idea, but what if True Saberists could run a lil faster when their sabers were inactive? They couldn't block incoming shots (though they might be able to dodge some) so it would be a gamble that they'd get to where they're going safely. I think it would be handy for pursuing ranged-weapon opponents, especially if they have a tendency to run away. (Note: disable the speed bonus if the Jedi/Sith in question is using aggressive ForcePowers while running.) I got this idea from playing Enter the Matrix - you run faster when you don't have a weapon equipped.


I love the mortal wounds cvar! What about upping the ante even a bit more? What if there was an option so that a player might not just fall down, but stay down - not dead, but critically injured? They'd have to either choose to respawn via the kill command or hope for another player to heal or finish them off. In this scenario a player might also still have a limited attack ability, such as through thermal detonators or det charges. Again, if it's a hassle to code, nevermind. Just a thought. :)


Lastly, any chance of a cvar to control the area of effect/splash damage of explosives? Personally, I'd like to see them somewhere in effectiveness between where they are now and how they are in SFXMOD.


Thanks again for an awesome mod!

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Things I noticed:


The default saber looks better and the Merc Bots use the Ammo Regeneration. Good job! :)


I haven't noticed this before but the menu for the Force Templates doesn't always bring up the list.


You can't switch to the Dualbladed or Twin Lightsabers anymore. However, you can get the Dualbladed lightsaber through the use of the "Proficiency" setting (this doesn't work for the Twin Lightsabers though).


I noticed that there is a sound for the grapple in the ForceMod pk3. This sound never plays.

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All of You have done a great job here

KaiaSowapit, about the bots using heal, they do on base JK2 (at least bots that I have made), but they will only use it if they are low on HP and you stop attacking them (also notice how they run back and after heal charge again at you). I can post the Bot data if you want.

Good luck on the remaining testing.

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Thank you so much for adding the ability to disable team skins! This makes team games so much better for me. You think an option in the menu could make it into the final release?


All in all, I must say it is definitely coming along awesome and is nearly ready for release. This mod is definitely going to breathe new life into the JK2 Community and probably jumpstart the action again leading up to Jedi Academy.


Here are a few things I have to note before release though:

1) Team FFA/CTF are majoring messed up. I've noticed this for a while but have failed to remember to tell you. Teams get screwed up very badly and sometimes it gets to the point where no one fights each other/or your teammates attack you. This is regarding bots of course. Just load it up and add a few bots to different teams and you'll see right off what I mean. This is a must to be fixed before release as it will destroy the gametypes completely.

2) The model scaled speed is extremely exagerrated. This wasn't the case before. Yoda moves so incredibly fast and basically every other models runs so as hell.

3) Force jump (Level 4) still doesn't use force. This could be spammed to hell. Definitely needs to be fixed.

4) Also, in Team FFA, mirror images of yourself will appear when you die......very freaking frightful

ALSO.....one other thing just FYI, Maw was a dark sith in JK1 so he should be fixed from the bounty hunter setting he has now.


I say once these are fixed then all will be ready!

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...is there a way to make the bots mouth move like in single player to make it more realistic???? This would be cool!!!!


will there be away to pick custom guns lick picking custom saber hilts??


--I want to have a Hansolo bot with his right gun in his hand without having to change the default gun--without it being the same hansolo gun for every player





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mariners2001, check your setting with the cvar g_forceBasedTeams and make sure it's set to 0. I experienced the same problems you're talking about in team games and they went away when I turned off forceBasedTeams.


I too find model scale speed a little confusing, though I think it just needs a little more documentation and it will be fine - perhaps a few examples in the readme would help? (If you'd like someone to draft a manual for ForceMod Azmyn, I'd be more than happy to.)


Personally I like Force Jump (Level 4) just the way it is, but then again I also have f_forceregenerate set to 10, hehe so take my opinion for what it's worth. :p


I take back what I said about Light Side bots using ForceHeal - they do, just by no means as frequently as MindTrick. Good golly they sure like their MindTrick!


Lastly, I'll back up Padawan_7 - I can't seem to get Dual Sabers to work anymore either. :(

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Mace_Windu21 - i don't know what you mean by "defensive stance." The saberthrow anim looks fine on my end.



Doctor Shaft:


Q: 1.) Is the saber powerful? I.e., it's not abysmal ala 1.04. If so, let's say I made a guy stand there, how many swings would it take?

A: Pure Saber user in red stance vs. Merc with 100 health, 25 armor: 1 swing. The sabers are more powerful by default, especially against Mercs.


Q: 2.) Some people keep mentioning that they're killing jetpackers with saber throw...Is there something about it in Forcemod that i'm missing?

A: See previous answer. :)


Q: You got the double and twin sabers in there. Granted, there's probably going to be all kinds of clipping and wierd looking stuff going on with them, but how did you do damage scaling with them also? are they just fancier wiffle bats, weaker than normal, etc?

A: They naturally enhance chances to hit and block sabers, but are penalized in terms of speed, form, and projectile blocking.



I took you up on coding a couple of the easy cvars. And actually, how fast could you whip a manual together...could you have it done by friday? That'd be stellar.



Thanks for the tips, hope i can iron everything out in time.



Sorry, you'll have to wait for the public release. But you won't have to wait long. :)



Team Skin disabling will be in the Player menu. The team problems from g_forceBasedTeams should be fixed.



Sorry, no custom guns or custom lips. :)

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Azymn, Friday might be pushing it, but Sunday is quite doable. Either way, I'd be happy to give it a go.


I'll probably need your insights/philosophies on a few issues, so if you like we can correspond via email.


Format can be as fancy/vanilla as you like - from plain-Jane ASCII to eye candy rich PDF or HTML. Just say the word. :)


Thanks again for all your hard work! I love this mod!!!

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I know its abit late, but maybe for a later release, could you take advantage of the ability to add in animations. I'm sure it'd be quite an undertaking, but just giving two sabers one stance each, which really makes trhe most of the extra weapon.

Say edit green style for two sabers, which rely could give increased blocking as well as utilising a contineous style of fighting, where instead of performing amazing moves, the wielder goes for more of a "hit-him so much he won't be able to block" style. Also force powers like push and pull could have one level taken off as the Jedi uses his mind alone, no hand movements (he's holding a saber in the offhand ) to make the telekenetic attack. Each saber attack could also do slightly less damage then other sabers as theres only one arms strength behind each blade.

Saber throw should be hampered as well, it's just a bit hard to concieve some one guiding a weapon with their mind while foreseeing incoming attacks. Maybe cap it at level one, as this is a simple toss.


The double-bladed saber could use an edited version of the purple style, where moves are more or less copied by darth maul, meaning quick attacks which utilize both blades. Blocking chances against ranged weapons could be decreased as the blades wouldn't be as effective for defence, the weapons is a sith's and probably designed for slicing up an enemy as quickly as possible.

Force powers would not hampered like using two sabers, but the decrease in defence should compensate for this.


I think this would be a great add on to your all ready col mod, as the extra blades would actually be put to use, sure the sabers LOOK cool now but one of the attacks are really DESIGNED for them, so the extra combat potential more or less goes to waste.


Could you please tell me what you think on these ideas, I know its alot to ask but I think it'd be a great addition. And I'd like to know if anyone cares at all, as last time I posted a rant I got no reply, if its not gonna happen ( my idea) just tell me.

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I can tell you that adding that would take an ETERNITY. He said forcemod2 in "three weeks". He can't really go back and say that "I decided to add totally new saber stances with new animations, so it'll be another (month? two months?)".


Maybe in Version 3.

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Littleman206: Actually, boinga1 is right, both about it taking an eternity and about the imminent release. Unfortunately, tinkering with animations is too great an undertaking at this point.

Thanks for the suggestions, though.

Saber throw damage can be hampered with a new cvar.

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In this same page a few post up azymn asks: could you have it done by friday? and KaiaSowapit answered: Friday might be pushing it, but Sunday is quite doable.


Then I ask: So last week of testing? and azymn answer was: Last week indeed.


That says all.

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hey azymn, when you release it release it to more hten just jk2files.com... pcgamemods.com put things up pretty much straight away!!!


its running near perfect... ive pmed you the very minor animation problems(i think) there is that ive found... and nothing to worry about everyone


this mod is bound to be a sucess(scuse my english im a carpenter)

thank you for letting me beta test this mod for you azymn...


off topic: are you going to mod for ja?

thank you for your time

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Originally posted by boinga1

I can tell you that adding that would take an ETERNITY. He said forcemod2 in "three weeks". He can't really go back and say that "I decided to add totally new saber stances with new animations, so it'll be another (month? two months?)".


Maybe in Version 3.


When I said maybe a later release, I didnt mean pospone the date, I know that'd be stupid, I meant a later VERSION of the mod.

Like you said version 3 or something. Sorry about the mix up.

I'm all for releasing as soon as possible and an extra 2 months would be pointless.


Originally posted by Classic Luke

Azymn, seeing as how the mod will be released soon, I must thank-you for letting me beta test it for you. Your efforts are much appreciated by the community, guess I'll be SEEING YOU ONLINE:)


Ditto to that aswell

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I appreciate the feedback you've all given, it was invaluable in shaping this mod up.


Check out my homepage in the next few days for updates on where and when.


[cheese]May the ForceMod be with you.[/cheese] ;)

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