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Originally posted by Vocheski

woah, wait, are you saying your making a neo as we speak?!?!


very, very cool:cool:




Originally posted by Bart Skywalker

I've been wanting a Neo model so bad. Got any pics to show? And could you try Morpheus and Agent Smith (Trinity is already being done) when you finish?


the whole set is getting modeled


Originally posted by Vocheski

yeah, show some screens!!!:D


ill post some later on :)

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YEEAHH! Please post some screens of Neo! Why don´t you open a thread in the showcase forum?


Btw, upload your existing models on a homepage, ´cause if your pc crashes and you loose everything.... I WOULD KILL YOU !!!! :D

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Originally posted by harleyquin

There all from the new movie.







Working on the twins now.


QUALITY, i dont think i can help, but just post things you need doing, and i will try to help, if u want.

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