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Azur a'kun Twi'lek Resistance

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Azur A'Kun - Join The Twi'lek Resistance!


[WANDERHOME Server, Corellia]




Azur A'Kun is an underground Twi'lek resistance movement, founded by the Twi'leks after the fall of Ryloth to the Empire. Azur A'Kun strives to lift the yoke of Imperial oppression upon all Twi'Leks across the galaxy.


Azur A'kun, a group of freedom fighters, formed an underground network, that aims to gather information for the rebellion, undermine imperial power and slowly build a resistance strong enough to fight against the Empire in time.


Members will also have non-military professions, in order to establish resources for the beneifit of all Twi'Leks living abroad, while others will form the Nav a'ren, elite gaurd, and Sha 'dar, the military wing of the resistance.


Azur A'Kun's structure has been divided into 5 seperate sections and divisions.


High Council of Five

Based on the heirachial structure maintained on Ryloth, the High Council of Five was formed to manage and co-ordinate Azur A'kun and its splinter cells.


Nav A'ren (Elite Gaurd)

Elected by the Council from the other divisions, this elite unit perform specific covert missions, sabotage and assisinations and ensures the general protection of the PA.


Sha 'dar (Commando / Military Wing)

Even though predominantly military-type professions are included, other professions such as muscians, dancers and entertainers are used in Sha 'dar, for information retrieval and infiltration.

Marksmen, fencers and Teras Kasi artists also execute raiding missions and dangerous operations on Imperial installations and imperial declared P.A.s.


Szu 'Kar (Socio-economic Division)

The Szu 'kar is the socio-economic division and consists of guilds for merchants, miners, image designers, chefs, etc. Basically all non military professions.


Rebel Alliances

These are alliances formed with other Rebel PAs, to further increase our strength against the Empire.





We have approximately 20 - 30 members at the moment, but we are still looking for the following professions to bolster the PA: Architects, Doctors, Merchants, Creature Handlers, Armorers, Chefs, Droid Engineers, Explorers, Image Designers, Miners, Farmers, Industrialists, Tailors, etc .


We urge all Tw'leks to join Azur A'kun, and help us fight the Empire, and free Ryloth from Imperial Oppression!


Any questions, ask them here http://azurakun.hyperboards.com, or visit the website at http://azurakun.fusion.co.za .







did i mention we like monkeys

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:D:fett: I am a Orange male Twilek with a coil style Lekku, I am being a SQUAD LEADER in the game and I was wandering if I could also be a sort of politicion for you like the high councils advisor, I really have a lot to say and I am strongly loyal to Democracy, so could I be both, I think youll find what I have to say a big help! I could be a vvoice of encouragment, and I want t let you no I droped my rank on another guild so I could join AZUR AKUN.
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Yes of course you can all join our ranks however we have decided to go to Tarquinas instead of Wanderhome. I'm terribly sorry if this has affected any of you. but as i said go to our main site and fill out a application. Our hall is complete but has not been plaed yet i will post the coordinates once we decide where to blae it. However it will be in between wayfar and anchorhead on Tatooine

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