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Paßwort für Monkey Island I und II

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could someone translate all that crap, please?

Here's a rough translation:


Schokogrinser: Bitte schreibt an: Schokogrinser@yahoo.de

Ich wäre euch sehr dankbar wenn ihr mir weiter helfen könntet!

(Please email me. I'd be happy if you could help me.)


Huz: Ich bin ein Krankenhaus.

(I am a hospital) lol...


RemiO: Piracy es schlecht, m'kay? Und bitte sprechen English, ja.

(Piracy is bad. And please speak English, yes?)

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Originally posted by RayJones

english: this is stupid. there are no passwords in MI 1 or 2. buy it or leave it.


What, you never had the pleasure to fiddle around with the "Dial-A-Pirate" or "Mix-N-Mojo" wheels?


Kult total.


PS: Maybe you should buy the originals?

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Numbers? I thought it was a pictorial thing? MI1 had this thing where it did a photofit of a pirate and you had to say when the pirate was hanged. MI2 had some sort of thing with snot and spiders or something.....although I cant remember as I now have the dual pack version which doesn't have any codes!!

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the question is: "when was this pirate hanged in jamaica". Then you'll have to fit the dial-a-pirate for the picture shown.


And what is it now that you answer? exactly you say like the year when he was hanged. e.g: "1503".


Oh. Right. 1503 doesnt look like a number. nah.


ps. In mi2 its the same. Only that you have to fit in some recipe-thing.





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