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Lets Start a Bar Fight

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Guybroom is unconfused and for the first time for probably ever he is back in on the number of posts he was out for.


Guybroom is having a party with Bob the 700 hundred pound Jawa and curt-man.


Guybroom is out for 3 posts having to decorate the bar for the party, stopping bob the 700 hundred pound Jawa from stealing his droids (Look below) and partying.


Bob the 700 (bla bla bla) Jawa is out for 2 posts trying to steal guybroom's droids (look above) and partying


Curt-man is out for 1 post just partying.

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Topshot takes the scissors sticking out of his left eye and thoroughly removes it and viciously assaults The Outrider. The Outrider is left bruised and broken, as well as mentally scarred.


The Outrider is sent to an isolated room in a medical facility for 3 posts.

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Nairb just plain out viciously attacks Topshot with his bare hands and pointy teeth that he spent all weekend filing to a nice shiny edge with an electric rotary tool and sanding stone that he borrowed from his grandfather and of which doing so caused great pain and discomfort but was well worth it for the appearance of dagger like dental work that has the uncanny ability to frighten children, small animals and the like with one evil flash of the pearly whites that when added with a hiss and or rasp of the throat can even deter the most steadfast of the adult population out of a clean set of under shorts which, pray-tell, is the ultimate goal of this toothy endeavor. The end.


Oh, Topshot is out for one post.

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