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Lets Start a Bar Fight

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Guybroom works out what's going on and then runs to topshot and laughs for no apparent reason as he thinks of a joke that someone told him the other day.


He then walks away from topshot and tells the joke to the outrider.


theoutrider is out for 1 post laughing at the joke which involves dancing monkeys and a pomigranit

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Originally posted by Nairb Notneb

Nairb Nudnik begins drooling over the anticipation of the new RTS game from Lucasarts to be released in November.


It is??????




Guybroom looks at what he just quoted and starts drooling too.


Guybroom then runs out the door to be first in line to buy the game, but runs into EDJ and they bash their head's on a random ice scupture.


Guybroom and EDJ are out for 1 post each.


Guybroom learns to do maths so he makes it 1 + 1 = 2 posts.


therefore: Guybroom is out for 2 posts and EDJ is out for none.

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In knowing the grammatical rule of "I before E except after C" and applying the mathematical formula of "C=NI" then Carbs and Nutmeg has successfully reverted his name from Carbs and Nutmeg back to Nairb Nutmeg and boggled the mind of Outrider causing his mind to melt for two posts. (Nairb is still working on his last name by the way).

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TheOutrider laughs at Nairb Nutmeg. He then picks up the magical dictionary. He says a few words and his name is switched to Fartknocker and Nairbs name got turned to fartswithbanannas.


TheOutrider is out for 1 post and Nairb is pissed for 2.


(hah if im down I can't be knocked down while im down)

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