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A question to Forbidden Games


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  • 3 weeks later...

Yeah, sorry for the *very* big delay, but this is the first time I check out the forums, and it was only to look for info about getting again my hosting, and, wop! I saw your post.


I wondered, though, if we could see the screenshots and concept art in its original size as well. It's hard to make out what's on them


Well, at the time when the site was up, theroically you could view a big version of the pics just clicking over 'em, they appeared in a new window, yeah, a pop-up. It worked nice in my computer and in some other people's computer I asked to check the page. Maybe you have a pop-up killer program active or something like that?


And what browser r u using? The page is only tested under IE :rolleyes:



BTW, did you liked the page design?

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No problem :)

I have a pop-up killer program,yes, and I disabled it. It worked now, and I have nothing else to say than splendid concept art!


I use a IE shell, called MyIE2 :)



Anyway, I liked the design! Rocked :) And it fits all resolutions as well. Maybe do something about the clean color.. Maybe some objects lying around as well?


Anyway, keep us the good work! :)

Looking farward to see this game!


- btw... the screenshots doesn't work.. :)

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