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Me and My clan have a skin Request.


My clan is called Fallen-Sith


We are pretty well know.. and undefeated... but i dont think you care... and im not bragging...


I have a couple of ideas:


1. Thinking of the Dessan model with Gold plating/armor..

With the words Fallen-Sith on the front... and -}FS{- on the back... and also if you know or can make custom taunts can you make the taunt say "We are the Fallen-Sith" in a cool darkish voice ;)

2. Im thinking of the Jedi model.. with black clothing.. and strips of red going down his body.. kinda looking like blood.... Make him look evil.. And also.. if you can custom taunt make him say "The Fallen Sith Own" in a freaky scary darkish voice


Who ever can do this.. pm me or reply or talk to me on aim


aim: dav3k21

yahoo: dav3k21@sbcglobal.net

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