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Mojo, what they have done to you: a short story.


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there were some posts at the Public Monkey Island Forum that were enquiring what had happened to so many of the Monkey island websites, personally i thought that they had been closed by lucas arts.




ps. If you’re a Monkey Island Fan please join the Public Monkey Island Forum, we have only been running a couple of days and need people to help lift it off the ground, so join us and start posting straight away about anything to do with those classic games.



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Originally posted by Mellonhead

Does anyone have any idea how long the WMI site will be down. For I need the e-mail I have there (if it still exists).


Your email still exists. The WMI emails are not handled by the LFNetwork nor stored on their servers. WMI will be back up when the rest of the LF/Mojo network is and they are doing everything to make that happen as soon as possible. In the meantime don't worry, your email is safe :)

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Who knows, this could be the dawn of a new day for Mojo and its constituents.


It's like spring cleaning, except completely unwanted and unintentional. If nothing is recovered, well, those who don't have local backups will get to spruce up their places with redesigns, or throw in the towel. Either way, theoretically things'll be less cluttered :)


*trying to drag everyone tooth and nail over to the sunny side of the street*

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Why not use archive.org to get your old articles? Sure, you may have to change some crap in the source like the URLs, but that could be done with a search & replace.


Speaking of the Michael Land Homepage, I think that site and LucasFans should be incorporated into Mojo as new features. Mojo's news rocks but it needs more content. :tessek:


P.S. I don't even know what that thing is.

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all those creepy HACKERcrackhaedz aout dere .. nibblin through the web.. suckin everything down they get into their stinky fingaz..



so listen: if I would ever get ROOTRights on your f-in harddisk.. YOU POOPOOHEADZ wouldnt have 1 single bit left for even storing NO (i meant ZERO) data!


you should hunt down some terrorists or people like that.. use your skillzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz to proof there is no allah, jesus, humpetybumpetysuckingGODcreatureswithnoBRAINinit.. you could have thrown a ball, read a book, played monkey instead.




.. you must lay down MOJO. ..


HOW ABOUT THAT: start your browser an go www.dierightnow.net/hard/painful/veeeeryyssslowwwww/getEATENbyMURRAYwhileyourBALLSareCROSSWISEbeingKEELHAULED.htm



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..oh .. OK. you may remove it if you want so. I dont wanted to bother anyone (from the good ones).. actually i didnt thought it was "tough" enough..


I just wanted to say taking mojo is like take a babys lollipop. Easy but so BAD. And definitly NOT cool. Dont they have something (really) creative to do? I am angry about such people. .. ..



anyway.. the force and stuff.. you know ... soon it will be allright again.. P-)

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Apologies if everyone's already aware of this, but while it is possible to log in to World of Monkey Island mail through the everyone.net link mentioned earlier, it still (as of an hour ago, at least) isn't possible to send mail to worldofmi.com accounts.


I'm guessing that this could be fixed by updating worldofmi.com's MX records (http://www.everyone.net/troubleshooting.html)... does anyone want to take care of this? Or are their bigger issues to resolve first?

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.. well let's say TIMMY (AND HIS FRIENDS) are a little nerdy bunch of .. genius people with BIG BRAINS.. maybe they have HUGE HEADS and they never get up from their computers so they dont have legs n stuff anymore. ..


hey, i think tims workin hard (beside all the fun he has with it you know, chicks, pizzas, more chicks..) for what were enjoying, it didnt came just by mighty godpowers..

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