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ET Great Hall Balcony

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I'm stuck in the third room in the Great Hall--the room where you drop the chandelier on the Nazis. Supposedly, you're supposed to go to this balcony, but I can't get there. Can you continue swinging after you've climbed up the chain, or can you turn while swinging? Or is there some other way . . .?

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Well, thanks for the help, but I forgot to mention that I'm running ET on my PC. Unlike Xbox, the same buttons are used to swing, and to go up and down the rope, and once you start climbing, you can't swing anymore, because the controls have reverted to climbing mode. Oh well.

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Ok, here is a walkthrough for that part:




CUT SCENE: Not good. Camera shows you the path around the

hall on that tiny ledge.


Hug the wall on your right and sneak around to where you

saw the lever. Pull the lever.


CUT SCENE: Watch as the huge chandalier crushes Indy's

foes. Ouch!


Climb down using the ladder on your right and go to the

aftermath of that little "accident". Pick up all the

Lugers and the throwing knives.


Now climb back up the ladder and use your whip to swing

over to the chain and now swing on the chain over to the



Proceed into the room and observe the bottles on your left

and the chairs around the room (You'll need them in a

second). Open the door at the rear of the room on the left

wall. Some friendly visitors will come join you. Use all

available weaponry to defeat them.


Now go into that room on the left and grab the key off the

table under the window. Pick up the throwing knife and the

Luger ammo. Return to the main room and go through the door

across the way.


Now go down the stairs and open the library doors on your



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Well, thanks for all the help, but the real problem were the controls I was using. I didn't realize it, but the keys I used to move forward and backward are also the keys used to begin swinging again, namely the arrow keys. All I had to do was change a few controls to the default set, and I was fine. Kind of embarrasing.

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