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Well....vacations are HERE :D


I am leaving the day after tomorrow for an island of greece....one of the few i haven't been there...:p

The interesting part is that the time i will spent there isn't set yet.

The time will show the days...:)

I am gonna leave for quite some days 2 weeks +...

so i will miss you all....:( (be nice and don't break anything at the site :p )


I wish you all good vacations...

get out of the computer and start walking in the real roads. Trust me, it doesn't hurt ;)

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  • 2 weeks later...

back and full with more energy...:D ....

walked a lot, driven a lot, made amost 1100 kilometers, had some injuries,sun burned, muscle pains due to tireness and bought many many magazines ;)




and the summer is not over YET......:p


(i hope all to have(had) such a good(and better) time ;) )

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