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"Kill the guy with the Ysalamiri" mod idea

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So I have an idea for a mod, but I'm not a programmer. I thought I'd post my mod idea here, though, in case anybody was interested and wanted to give it a try. Here are the criteria:


1. Server-side only mod; I don't want people to have to download anything to play this game.


2. The ysalamiri item will be changed (only slightly), so that it no longer has a time limit. Once you pick it up, you've got it till you die (or drop it--another new thing. There needs to be a new console command "drop_ysalamiri" or whatever, so you can bind a key for it).


3. I can't remember how the ysalamiri works in basejk (I mean, the item just sucks, I avoid it), but in this mod idea I want the ysalamiri to get dropped upon player death, as if it were a weapon or force enlightenment or something. You kill the guy with the ysalamiri, you get to pick it up next.


4. The "meat" of the mod idea: players get one point (a kill) for every second they survive while holding the ysalamiri. Other players try and kill the guy with the ysalamiri so they can get it and try and hang on to it for as long as they can. Hit the fraglimit to win, as usual (although the fraglimit will probably need to be pretty high, since guys are getting what amounts to 1 frag per second).


So yeah... does that sound like it might be cool to anybody else? I think it might be fun. I mean, the ysalamiri is such a debilitating item, I think you should be rewarded for surviving while crippled.

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