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How do I kill the Ice Guardian??/ "smash open weakened walls"

Guest I'm Stuck!

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Guest I'm Stuck!

Can't figure out how to kill the Ice Guardian$*(&$!_&*$_(&$


I have found the Urgon's Part, but can't find where or what to do with it.


Bullets don't seem ta do anythang either@%*_*$_*$


Any WalkThrough Pages Found?


Save my Turkey Day Weekend! I'm runnin in circles....lol......tnx



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There are very few walkthroughs out there, if any. I know someone in this discussion group is offereing a walkthrough from 1-4 but since you're battling the ice creature you'd have no use for it.

Use the part on the creature by,

1.taking it out (q key)

2.Getting VERY close to the beast

3.Using the action key like you would any weapon.

Run away and let the thing recharge and repeat two more times.

Good Luck



Like a mouse in a maze(s). After the Big Cheese!


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