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The New *And Improved(or not)* Q and A Thread

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Sadly enough, I have seen both of those movies.


A: *Sarcasm* David Bowie was so... hot in Labyrinth. */Sarcasm*


But Willow had small drunken midget people, or Brownies, or whatever they politically liked to be called, so I will have to go with: BEER!!! Ha-hahahah


*Dives into beer barrel*


Q: Which do you think it is, male or female shaped genitalia for Swediot's pool?

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Hey, there's nothing wrong with seeing both those movies, they rock AND roll. But yeah, Willow did have midgets...


A: I suppose his swimming pool would be the shape of a male Wookie's wookie. (whatever that looks like)


Q: This brings up a good point: Do Wookies...how do I say this in a family friendly way...love each other face-to-face, or like their canine cousins?

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hello.... yeh id like to order a straight jacket please... for what purpose do you say.... uh... magic trick......delivery please


*van drives up by forums


*swediot takes the straight jacket


heres your answer J_edi


*tackles J_edi and forces him into straight jacket


Q. was that sort of good or just plain stupid

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A: Hmm, I'd go with black. That way, when you spill your tapioka, it won't stain.


Q: If you crack off a smelly one while on a date, do you:

a. pretend like nothing happened.

b. take full credit.

c. blame it on the waiter.

d. blame it on your date, loudly, so the whole place knows.

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A: Apples. You can eat the core of an apple, but if you eat the pit of a pear, well that's just folly. Wait a second. I was thinking of peaches. D'oh! Then I change my vote to pears.


Q: Would you rather: Still be waiting for SWG to be shipped to your house, or get to the final page of your character creation, only to be REJECTED by the almighty gods of loading screens?

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