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Black Faction Bounty Hunters Recruitment

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I'm recruiting members for my Bounty Hunter Guild for Star Wars Galaxies and am wondering if anyone would like to join, if anyone reads this at all. We currently have 17 members and are in need of more.



Guild info:

We Currently have 6 ranks in our Guild there are in or from lowest to highest

Ensign--an ensign is usually a starting player in the Guild and really doesn't have much authority in the Guild

Lieutenant--The second lowest rank in the Guild and almost every player should achieve this rank.

Commander--This is considered the middle rank and most veteran players should achieve this rank

Faction Captain--This is the Third Highest Rank in BFBH and it will be very difficult to achieve and barely any players will

Faction Admiral--This is the Second Highest Rank and only 1 or 2 of the most elite players will climb this high

Faction Leader--This of course is the leaders rank in the Guild and it is not an obtainable rank.

If you want anymore INFO on our Guild message me on aim/aol my name is sek665, yahoo black_label6665, or msn black_label665@hotmail.com. Feel free to do this whenever



Server and in Game:

The server we are currently going to join will be Chilastra (US East)

Our home planet will Be Corellia and our starting city Coronet the capta of Corellia.

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Deadjedi1979. I notice that this is your first post on the forums, so i will be very helpful. First, welcome to Lucasforum, don't troll and you will be fine :D. Second, please pay attention to dates on posts. As you can see by this picture


You posted just under 3 years after the original topic took place. Never fear, it happens to the best of us, just be aware of in the future. Enjoy your stay!

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