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A Question to all the game Gurus here: level 6, secret lava room

Guest PnArdy

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The level's walkthrough, map and screenshots are ready - I will post it in an hour but

there's a secret lava room near the end of the level. A passage

behind a cracked wall leads to it. Inside there are huge pillars and

the floor starts crashing when you step on it. The idol is in the niche

in the left wall. I've found out the button on the central pillar which

activates some blocks in the wall and it is possible to move up.

But I still can't jump over those huge pillars to another side with

the idol. This whole room is not required to finish the level but anyway

do you know a way to collect that final idol?




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Guest BJS0221

After you break through the weak wall and fall through the hole you come to the falling bridge run out on the bridge and turn right quickly and walk up to the pillar. Jump straight up and grap the ledge and pull yourself up. From here long jump to the next pillar and grab the idol, jump back hang and drop down below. Push button and climb back out. This is actually very hard to do, took me a few trys.

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Guest Vitamin Tom

There is another way to do it. After everything has colasped nad you've pressed the button, you can long jump from the ledge below the moveable block to the first pillar. It's hard to line up, but you need to be about 5/6 of the way to the right side of the ledge and jump to the pillar at a slight angle. From there, you just jump to the next pillar, and viola!

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