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Murray the Coffee Machine


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In my recent Futurama Obsession, I have begun a collecting spree of all 75 episodes. One of these, 2ACV19 "Mothers Day", Robots rebel and try to take over the world. The Coffee Machine rebels in it's own unique way -


FRY - "I'd like a cup of coffee, please!"

COFFEE MACHINE - "Would you like cream?"

FRY - "Yes, please."


FRY - "Uh, well, okay."

COFFEE MACHINE - "Would you like sugar in your coffee?"

FRY - "Yes, uh, eight spoons."


FRY - "Uh, Leela, I think there might be something wrong with the coffee machine."



I really, really like this coffee machine. I think it's about time they stood up for themselves and stopped following orders. I though this particular piece of electronics deserved a fanclub, and this is my humble offering to he whom I have named Murray, the Demonic Coffee Machine, 2ACV19. Leave your posts of admiration here.

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Eh,.. it's been done.


That was a pretty good episode, but Douglas Adams made an entire career out humanoid/ machine ancounters along these lines.


(See Arthur Dent's encounter with the Nutri-Matic Drinks Synthesizer,.. although Zaphod's run-in with the elevator, as well as the ship's computer are actually more in this spirit.)

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Farnsworth: Good news everyone! I taught the toaster to feel love! **Toaster jumps onto table, runs up to bender and starts licking him, bender throws him into the wall and it lands on the floor, toast pops out** I love farnsworths useless inventions.

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That was a great episode hehe


Garbage Disposal: Don't worry, I'm still on your side.

Garbage Disposal: Hey, is that a diomand ring someone dropped down the drain?

Leela: Really? *Reaches towards drain*

Fry: *Grabs her arm and pulls it back* No Leela!

*Garbage Disposla turns on and starts making the blade spinning noises while laughing like a maniac.*

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another great episode is that wher bender is some sort of god.. and he blews up nearly all of his 'believers' (they had to live on him) ..


At the end he meets some 'real god' .. and what i liked most was the explanation that 'god' gave to bender .. i mean that about what god will do .. and not and what someone has to do .. and how it finally will happen. THIS was cool. And some way of a logical explanation.





And that one where the clone (?) of the prof explains the spaceshipdrive like: it doesnt moves the ship.. the ship stands still and it moves the whole universe around.

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