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In Game Names!

Wraith 8

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Hey all, finally got my character started on Starsider, whether or not I can ever get on is another story.


Anyway, Forums name is Ashmaster



In game name is Sootbeard Grumbleguts.


I started on Naboo, at Kaaldar or something like that.

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Ok guys, I just wanted to get a recap. I'm trying to get everybodys name, but I'm not sure I did. Here's my list...


Wraith 8 - Corzip Dinn

dow_30 - Vega Cymru

Ride - Glenn

Atlus_Thrawn - Tokalar

ocYrus - ocYrus

wraag - Opa

Thew Rydur - Thew Rydur

Lord_Vessen - Vessenn Berak

Goose_Of_Mercy - Ryx Dai'Kahn

TheMaestro - Traaca

Bogo Fertt - Bogo Fertt

Jan Gaarni - Jan Gaarni

StarCords - Gnothi Seauton

Sunshine Badass - Arina X'Hiari

Leemu Taos - Omir

Meridian - Ka'lar Ertauch

Murashu - Murashu

Kwok69 - Kwok

Jatari Bazrak - Jatari Bazrak

Caveman - Ebik

swediot=) - Shreneka

Garrison Creed - Garrison Creed

Philosopher - Arete Logos

LeviJ4 - Zaniah Zavijava

Dathan Surehand - Dathan Surehand

MandalorianRage - X'ero Anarian

Wouldzey - Thor/Wouldzey

Alteredbob - Altered

SpookeyTee - Kali Noto

DirtyWombat - Ellam Feerce

-=miniSITH=- - Zhar Warrick

Darknightmare - Hakotia Oasai

Deathstalker - Giles Deathstalker

flaknugget - Baboo

Ashmaster - Sootbeard Grumbleguts

-=ReApEr=- - Neo Cyrus ?

Setsuko - Setsuko


Anybody else? Ah, Donnie. I have his, but he hasn't posted it, so...


Donnie Darko - Fiba'ona Takalyyn(sp?)

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