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In Game Names!

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well as you might have realised.. i finally started playing and... my ingame name is shreneka im still learning how the game works even though i played for like 5 hours today... it didnt seem that long but when i looked at clock i was like holy crap ..... anyway im in now so give me a /tell

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Hey everybody, I was just able to get back on LF, my home internet is really bad for this.. but anyways, I couldn't make a starsider character at launch, I don't know why, my account was kind of screwy, but if anyone has a Bria charcater and wants to talk, it'd be great to talk to somebody from =A=. Send me a tell ingame, name is Seraphii, or my AIM is seraphnight.

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Heh, yeah I was pretty dead there for a while wasn't I? I've been playing mostly JA this week, but I'm going to start playing SWG more again today I think.


Thanks for the PA Hall information, I'll make sure I visit once I'm on Starsider!


BTW, what'd everyone turn out to be here? My good skills right now are Creature Handler 1/0/0/0 and Teras Kasi Artist 0/1/0/0. I don't have much elite profession, but it's there! Heh..

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Official site name:Ross


In Game name: Seth Ujin

Server Starsider


Stats:Master Commando, and novice scout


In Game name: Kalma Timrep


Master combat medic, and brawler


I dont have SWG yet but ill get it this christmas, so i ope to see mots of you later.

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cool guys well I've changed what I wanted to be 3 times now from Bounty Hunter to Ranger to...


Unarmed IV

Explore IV

survival IV

Musician 0/1/1/3

:D well that's me so far and I don't really train but I like to have fun so I train while haveing fun, ( which doens't get you anywhere fast.) :p but I'm haveing fun! hehe I said that already.

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Hey guys, most of you know me, but since I was gone for so long I will re-introduce myself.


I'm Iwok the Mon calamarian CH/BE


I am Currently:

master CH



I dont charge PA members anything for my services (or if I know you) but i do ask that you help me out too sometimes. I am planning on putting pet vendors inthe mall, along with a PA only set of vendors in my house (which is just behind the shuttleport) that will have as much as i can for you guys, for 1 cred a piece. I have an alt named Zeto, who is working on getting FSS. Umm, i think that is about it...

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ill help out with parts iwok :)


currently my char:


Name : Corzip Dinn

Married: Yes. To Xanadu

Mistress: Yes. Zennor :p

House: Small round Naboo

Living in: Medium Naboo with Xanadu

Vendor: Yes. Pharmacy

Cash status: 70.000 credits


Medic: 4-4-4-4 Master

Doctor: 3-4-2-3

Marskman: 3-4-0-0

Pistoleer: 4-4-4-4 Master

Politician: 0-0-0-0

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I thought this thread was dead and buried.


Arina: Wandering with a cause.

Married: Too many proposals; so many refusals.

House: Storage box; May have exploded with all of my assets a week ago.

Living In: Confusion

Cash Status: What I own, or the numbers I have on me?

Professions: Always a mystery, huh?

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Name: Ryxx

Married: Not sure...there was that time at vegas...

Mistress: Your Mom.

House: Ryxx's Riverside Penthouse where your dreams meet a **** load of Locked conatiners and possibly some apple pie.

Vendor: Look for the Panties vendor in the back behind the "Trojans"and in front of the smuggled pr0n pile. Only 5cr a piece (pr0n not for sale).

Cash Status: To the point where I have too much and I wish I thought 500cr was a lot again =/ But numbers make me happy =]

Proffessions: Pretty much the same I have been for months, but most of you don't know, don't care, and deep down inside want what I have but cannot admit to the truth of the uberness of PIKEMAN!!!! RAH!!! *Jabs with Nightsister Lance and runs into the darkness*


Professions: Always a mystery, huh?


Speaking of which could you make me some ubese I need to help that one person with fencer and pistol exp and I always seem to die with my crappyness.










*Ryxx punts the damn sarcastic droid unit and laughs as it lands next to 353 Prissy TreadWell droids*




Speaking of which...thats a nice net you've got there...



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it's a long time ago since someone posted but I'll introduce myself anyway


Lucasforums name : Devil Doll

SWGalaxies.net name : Devil Doll

Official forums name: Beliala

INGAME NAME: Naja Illuminati

E-mail adres : black_lady1@hotmail.com

Name : Naja Illuminati

Married: I just arrived to corellia after all my time alone in Naboo, and just learned all the languages few dasy ago, so nope.

House: wanderer with a nice backpack :p

Living in: The wildness and sleeping in Cori Celesti cantina when they close (I hide somewhere and when there's no one I go to sleep in the main stage ;P)

Cash status: I think i have money


Medic: novice

Brawler: 2-3-0-0

Scout: 2-0-1-0

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