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Just added Jeep Level 8 Walkthrough. Levels map, savegames, screenshots - levels 1-8

Guest PnArdy

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visit my site and get everything you need to beat the game.


more than 1500 hits (both servers) for the past couple of days.


main site: - everything's here






NOTE: On the mirror site

You won't be able to see some 3-4 screenshots from the end of the page because I already exceeded the 5MB limit But you will still be able to see the maps and all other features, including savegames, walkthroughs and all the previous levels. Just skip that couple of screenshots till I fix the space problem.

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Guest Station

Is there any way you could go ahead and post the secret level - Peru since we can go to that level any time after we get 2500 points to be able to purchase the secret map? Thanks

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There's an incredible load time. Maybe you should transfer each level onto it's own page to cut down on it. Other then that, Nice work.



"Never fear, Your moderators' here"

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Thank for your feedback. Working on it Jake - each level will have it's own page. Will move to indyjones.net soon so you won't even have to go anywhere else from here.


As for the Peru level

1. Send me a zipped savegame something like

start_01_PERU.nds or whatever cause I don't have those 2500 points yet and the cheats don't work with the patched version.


2. Actually I had some other plans for the Peru level - to give it as a prize for the winners of the quest Indy online game on my site which I'm thinking over now. But anyway you can ask the ppl here - some of them already beat the game.



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