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The "Fan" move with Red Heavy Sabre


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Well i'm still a noobie at duels but i think I'm catching up and got some of the moves down pretty easily.


But what still I cant get to do is the so-called "Fan" moves with the Red heavy sabre where they chain swings up to three times in a row. So far I managed to do just two and both while holding the sabres in both hands, ultimately slower and less effective than some of the more experienced and expert players are doing (saw them performed 3 chained swings while holding sabre in one hand!).


So please help :)

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You can chain up to 3 moves in red, but the "fan move" where you swing from side to side can only be done in yellow & blue, not red. Here's something I posted a while ago that may be useful regarding chaining moves:


Chaining moves:


You can chain moves in all 3 stances with certain restrictions. In Yellow & Red there are limits to the total number of swings in a combo, & then there are also restrictions on the type of swing combos that can be done.


Blue = unlimited number of swings & unlimited number of the same kind in a row.


Yellow = up to 5 swings total & up to 3 of the same kind in a row.


Red = up to 3 swings total & up to 2 of the same kind in a row.


When mixing swings in a combo, you can differ the next swing by one direction (45 degrees) in either direction from the last swing, such as "forward + attack" followed by either "forward/left + attack" or "forward/right + attack".


Blue & Yellow stances also allow you to chain swings that are the direct opposite of each other, such as "left + attack" followed by "right + attack". (this is an example of the fan move you were talking about)


Hope that helps. Good Luck!

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I did a 4 swing red combo if you count rdfa as a swing.


It is a fairly efective move


It is easier while walking.


Walk foward and strafe, hit attack. (swing 1)

After swing is nearly done release foward (swing 2)

After swing is nearly done hit back. (swing 3)

Finish up with RDFA (swing 4)


this could be wrong b ut it is close

you can also jump in there




The key to combos is timing-at almost the end of the swing hit your new button

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Yep, you're right. You described the method I mentioned above. By altering your movement direction by a degree of one in either direction, you can do up to 3 moves in a red combo (up to 2 of the same without altering direction).


I forgot to mention that you can also do a red DFA at the end of the combo too since we were talking about normal swing combos. Nice catch! I believe the same may be true for yellow, if you do the 4 moves prior in a working configuration, the 5th move could be a yellow DFA. Gotta try that one out for sure.

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