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Favorite Game of all Time


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I was just curious as to what game has been on your hard drive the longest and why that game is your favorite? Mine would definetly have to be Fallout 2 because of its dark and humourous backround, great characters and the depth of the game.

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Probably Tie-Fighter. Excellent game, controls, graphics (for the time), wonderful missions and intriguing plot.


Honourable mentions to Zelda: OOT, Chrono Trigger, Jedi Knight, Doom 2 and Goldeneye though.... :D

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Tie-Fighter was definetly an excellent game too:D




Speaking of Honorable Mentions, Max Payne really deserves one for having an excellent story, great graphics, and was a whole lotta fun to play:)

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I'm going to say Halo, followed by Age of Kings: The Conquerors.


I choose these games because of the multiplayer fun that i've had with them. I play Halo with at least 8 other guys, (usually more) at LEAST once a week, and The Conquerors I network 4 computers together at my house and we have 4 player Conquerors action.

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Age of Empires

for senarios and multi playing

and hillarious cheats,

also for most replay value.


Starcraft for incredible cinematics,

good storyline fun in playing all three races,

great to blow things up real good.

like AGe it has endless replay possibilites

and is best of all real time strategy games.


UT Gold Edition my fav FPS


Grim Fandango my fav Lucasarts game.


Exile Myst3\Riven Myst2\Myst

most beautiful games ever made.


Amercian McGee's Alice

dark and surreal FPS\Linear game

and hotest CGI babe in entire virtual world.

so much hotter than Laura Croft.

Cheshire Cat is hillarious and sardonic.

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i remember the good ol' days when me and, like, ten friends went to a local computer store and played Starcraft for 3 or more hours for 2 dollars and hour ( they had a really good internet connection and pretty fast connections) ahhh, the good ol' days....like 5 years ago :p

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Discworld - Funniest game ever.


E.g. The part when you look into a mirror and the main character says 'What a ludicrous painting' In the amazingly funny voice that is Eric Idle (Monty Python Actor)


Neverplayed Discworld 2 properly due to lack of sound, but still a great game.


The Monkey Island series was good, but now it's lost its charm.


Sam and Max Hit the Road - Very Funny


And finally, although after much critisism, my most played game at the moment is Enter the Matrix. I can't get enough of the Chateau levels, and Agent fighting is the best. I don't find it the least bit annoying. Great game.

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man, i need to check the forum some more... dont know barley anyone who posted here... :confused:





JKII: JO (My favorite till JK: JA comes out! :D )

Zelda OoT

Spider-Man (not the movie game. Dont know why, its a short game, but i keep playing it :D )

just about any star wars...

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It would be too hard to pick just one game... But if I had to, I guess I would choose TRIBES 2. That games (multiplayer obviously) is just soooo incredibly fun... heck I still play it after so many years! The fast paced action, along with TONS of ways to play the game, the bases, just the whole feel of the game was awesome... It has to be THE best multiplayer game I've ever played... well possibly untill Tribes: Vengeance comes out! :).


But Asheron's Call comes VERY close as the best multiplayer game... So far I have yet to play another MMO where player SKILL had more to do with success than character level... The story line and monthly updates were also really cool... I just loved playing a mage so much back in the day... 3 years ago, but its just not the same as it used to be... The new updates changed alot for the better... but overall AC lost alot of what made it so special, that's one reason I stopped playing a few months ago. Still, those first few months of playing AC can never be replaced... the mysteriousness of playing my first MMO ever, and the fact that I was in a game with thousands of other players was something I had never experianced before in a game... And even after the mysteriousness wore off the game was still awesome for 2 and a half years later...


For single player games Dark Forces takes the prize for sure... It was really the first game I ever actually played through and beat, which leaves alot of fond memories... Also, even though there have been 3 sequals to DFs I still don't think any of them matched the Star Wars atmosphere, amazing level design and dark setting. Some of my best memories of playing a single player game were in Talay Tak base, and Imperial City... Not much more I can say about this game except that I wish Lucas Arts would've kept making the DF games instead of letting Raven develop the new ones... Atleast Jedi Knight was exeptionably good and Mysterious of the Sith was even better even if they didn't QUITE reach the level of DFs in my opinion.


I also loved Super Mario 64. It was a pretty long game with a good level of difficulty (not too hard not too easy... but I was pretty young at the time...) it had some really great levels with really rich atmospheres such as Boos Mansion, and that Underground level with the Lok Ness Monstery like creature :). Come to think of it practically every level was fun to play and varied in setting... I also really like the Bowser levels. I hope Super Mario 128 lives up to Mario 64, since I don't think Mario Sunshine really had was made Mario 64 so great.


Two other superb games were Sonic Adventure 1, and Sonic Adventure 2. I thought SA 1 had a much richer atmosphere, which was only amplified by the great music. Also, SA 1's exploration levels were sorely missed in SA 2. Also the Boss Battles were MUCH more interesting in SA1. Still I thought SA 2 had much more intense and fast levels as Sonic And Shadow... I mean it was just pure joy to race through the jungle, and highway level... Also the final Boss was pretty cool, especially the way you fight in him space, but Chaos Zero was much better :).


That was kind of long... but I had to do each of those games justice :).

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My all-time favourite was Zelda: Ocarina of Time... I liked Majora's Mask as well, even though no else seemed to...


Currently I've been playing the crap out of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault with the Spearhead expansion... I've given up though, I can't take playing the game with a constant of 10fps (I honestly don't remember ever getting over 30 fps in that game... I really need a new computer)


MOH:AA had the most brilliant warfare recreation I've ever seen... My only problem is that the multiplayer needs some tweaks.. but over all, is pretty fun...

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Silent you did a great job at doing those games justice.


As for my favorite War game, mine would have to be the recently released Blitzkrieg. It has flaws, but is an excellent tacticle game and is really fun.

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