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Originally posted by PirateBooty

Hey! It's me, Luke!


Luke AND Goose were taken so I had to go with this name.




Cool smilies. Yay!




LLLLLLLLUUUUUUUKKKKKKKEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Hey, how ya doin'?!!! remember me?!?!?!??!?!?!?!




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Originally posted by pHILBRUSH

Finally... It's BACK!!! mmmmaaaaaaannnnnnn....

are you gonna put this back onto MIlegend soon?




P.S. sorry, but Crappy stuff here, keep the OLD MILegend stuff, yeah?!


What do you mean by stuff? Content or design?

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Yeah, the forums here are good, but wouldn't you rather MILegend be a seperate affair from Lucasforums altogether? And Lucasforums already have one Monkey Island board why bother having two? Doesn't that seem slightly pointless to you?

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Hi everyone! No one probably remembers me, but I used to be a regular on these forums. I'm Dark Comet, Monkey tamer, psychiatrist, tree hugger and lovable cynicist.


...Well, at least the last time I checked...


Im just back to see how everything is. I like the new layout, BTW. And the fact that there are still some people on here from the old days.


So.. I look foreward to being a regular again!:D

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