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instagib ctf configs


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i'm trying to set up an instagib ctf server on a small lan. i basically want a similar set up to jolt.co.uk or bygames.com 's ones.

e.g. force jump being the only force power, but however i set it up i can't figure out how to selectively disable certain force powers, and the mod doesn't seem to do it automatically.


is it actually possible to do this without a dedicated server? if so could someone save me from my noobishness and give me some instructions.


sorry if this is a really obvious question, but i've had a fair search of the faq and previous posts etc., so i hope it's not too unreasonable.


thanks in advance



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You need to enter the following line in your server.cfg file:

seta g_forcepowerDisable "n"

where "n" is a number that determines what force power(s) will be disabled.

To disable push, n is 8. For pull, n is 16. To disable both, 8+16=24, so n is 24.


Here are two calculators to make it easy:




If using Jedi Runner, go the Game tab, Force Flags subtab, and click the powers you want to disable. It also shows you the number you need.

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