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Though not much information has been released, the availible screens shots have made this game out to be action packed, vile, and very bloody.

Please remember that Defiance is still under development. All of this information is subject to change.


- Amy Hennig reprises her role as writer and director

- This is not the last Legacy of Kain game

- Our favourite voice actors will be returning

- The combat system has been redesigned to provide a more Devil May Cry-esque type of action, however...

- The plot and puzzle-solving will still play a major part of the game.

- The game works on a chapter system, but not like Blood Omen 2. It will be possible to wander around the world Soul Reaver-style.

- Kain and Raziel will both be playable, and control will switch at predetermined points in the game (Think Onimusha).

- There will be bosses.

- Kain and Raziel will both have a wide array of attacks and magical powers, but the Soul Reaver-style Glyphs will not return.

- Kain is his full super-powerful self, and is not weakened just because he's playable now.

- The camera is now much more cinematic instead of following behind the player at all times.

- There will be optional secrets to find.

- Kain is armed with the Blood Reaver - it does not contain Raziel's soul (yet?). It still sucks blood like at the end of SR2.

- Raziel is no longer assisted by the Elder God in any way, and must find new ways to enter the Material plane. One of these ways appears to be the possession of slain enemies.

- The game will take place mostly around the Blood Omen era, and feature both new and familiar locations.

- It will be "more non-linear and replayable than SR2 was" according to Amy.

- There will be only one ending to the game (contrary to previous rumours).

- It will no longer be possible to pick up weapons like torches, staves, and swords. It will also not be possible to fight with bare claws. Instead, Raziel and Kain will both fight with their version of the Reaver using an array of moves (including juggling enemies).

- Stealth kills will be available, but stealth is not the focus of the combat.

- Kain will be able to feed both by telekinesis (BO1/2 style) and by neck-biting.

- There will be bonus material of some kind

- Kain will have his Bat form from the original Blood Omen

- Only Raziel will be able to shift between planes


In terms of platforms, the PS2 and XBox versions have been officially announced, and there have been hints that a PC port will be released at some point. Unfortunately there are no plans for a Gamecube version at this time. I suspect this was due to the apparent poor performance of Blood Omen 2 on that system.





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I saw some stuff on this quite a while ago, looks interesting, I might take a look if there is a PC ver.


Good to see Michael Bell (Raziel) back in a bigger role in a game, I think he could have have a good Jedi Master in KotOR or something but oh well.

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The only console/platform Eidos is planning on not including is the Gamecube because of the Blood Omen 2 results for Gamecube. On every other platform, all Legacy of Kain games have done quite well. It seems the game is too mature for the average Nintendo fiend...no offense to Nintendo players...

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but of course, Playstation(Legacy of Kain's #1 system, mind you) was the original home of RE.


But this isnt about Zombies. Its about Vampires. Please stay on the game at hand

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From the screenshots I've seen, the graphics put Soul Reaver 2 and Blood Omen 2 to shame. The only thing I can't find a picture of is Raziel shifting back to the Material Realm. Apparently, he crawls from the ground in a corpse and it takes his shape as apposed to a cadaver...so thats cool.


Also, the first level is claimed to be Raziel trying to escape the Spectral Realm after the ending of SR2 *people who never played the game know this: There was a cinematic of the ending of SR1 at the begining of SR2. It may stay true here.*. Then, the first level of Kain is 500 years after the ending of SR2.


One last thing: Even if you've never played the previous Legacy of Kain games, you should be able to pick up the story in Defiance. If not, you can always go buy the other 4 LoK games. They're worth it

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