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Krayt dragon hunting story (with pics!)


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Well this all started with us going to the star port in Mos Entha. As we were there more people arrived and soon there was over a 100 people there:




After we got in our groups we headed out for the krayt dragon grave yard. It was a long trip, and we had many fights on the way:





Basically it was just a long run in the desert, every now and then a bunch of enemies would show up for a fight but it wasnt to hard to take them down since we had over a 100 people with us:





Finally we entered the Krayt dragon canyon and went in search for the dragons. As we were walking a ton of enemies were there so it was crazy, lasers firing everywhere:





As you can see there were alot of creature handlers there, so we had a bunch of creatures helping us fight:




We continued on looking for krayts:




To be honest, I really dont know what happenend. I was at the front of the line and i'm geussing that the people behind me got ambushed because soon the group was gone, everyone ran everywhere and I have no idea what happenend. I later heard that alot of people were dying so there was a bunch of people etheir dead or wandering around looking for others. Fortuntly for me I found 2 people and then we meet up with 3 others to form a mini-group. We then heard that there was a krayt dragon appeared so we went to take a look. We meet up with several others and got to see the giant krayt dragon. We were way to far from a town to make it back so we fooled around with the dragon, and someone shot it:





Everyone then died except me and 2 others. We were just standing there and knowing we couldnt make it back we let it kill us, Luckily I had 1 more player exemption left so I didnt lose anything:




It was a long and exciting trip, which ended with me being cloned in Mos Twike.

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The Hunt was yesterday on Eclipse and lasted approximately 3 or so hours. The part which he is talkin about the group gettin ambushed is right, they attacked some nearby dewbacks which jumped and killed off about 40 of our team. Not many made it to the actualy graveyard. About 10 made it back to see the Krayt. I never saw it as I ran along the hill side, till Chazz a team member yelled "A krayt!!!!" Before I turned to look I got slashed and died. Took about 20 pics though, the hunt and hastle of the desert was worth the time to go there.

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Pffft, I just walked up to one that was drinking all the liquor at a cantina and kicked it. It was like, 'huh?' and I was like, 'die' and kicked it one more time. It was like 'ow' and keeled over, ded. :D


Good story and pics, Ignition. How many exemptions are we given anyways?

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LobsterMagnet- Its not bad, I myself am actually going for Creature handler and Riflemen as well :)


Exar_reborn- Yea, i'd say the hardest part of it though was actually getting to the canyon itself. We were running in wide open desert and a bunch of creatures kept attacking us, and since the leaders never stopped everyone kept running so no one would help you if you were getting attacked really, only once it was getting out of hand did we sort of stop and help.


Krentz- I think the negative numbers are them losing health


Mon Cal- lol, well I was 1 of the people in the front of the line and suddenly everyone behind us was gone, no one knew what happenend. So I was just running around looking for them and seeing a bunch of people who didnt know what was going on running around as well. But yea, I assumed that they had been ambushed by something so thats why everyone was spilt up. After a while I came across a a laggon with palm trees and a small lake of water...in the desert, lol.


Zendjir- I'll defiantly post more stories as I go on more adventures :D


Wolverinz- the trip there defiantly was worth it, just wish that we could of been able to of fight it though. So wait, were you there when I was? my name is Mical Skylr, cause I was with another 8 or 9 others when we saw the Krayt.


impX- Once the infinte exemption was over I think they then gave you 3 free ones after.


A funny thing was that after I died 2 more Krayts appeared and I heard that there was a baby 1 there as well.

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This is the matter I'll love this game! I really like these stories, and I hope I'll find more and more in the next days/weeks/months :) (with tons of picture attached ;) )


I hope that this week I finally will put my hands on the desired box with the CDs inside :p

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RalphWiggum- LOL, yea when the guy said that I was dying with laughter and you should of seen it to it really did look as though it was the movie, alot of us had armor on so it looked like we were a tropp and we all had our guns out just all running into combat together, it was awesome.


deggesim- I'm glad you like it, i'll defiantly be posting more as I go along, and of course with lots of pics.

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