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Newbies/First Time Posters READ THIS! (tips on posting here) Updated!


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Welcome to the Strategy Shack! The purpose of this forum is to discuss Jedi Outcast (and perhaps soon Jedi Academy) strategies for playing a better game, tips, secrets, and whatever else you need.


It is also a place to ask for help with tough parts of the Single Player game, or how to do various things you've seen or heard about.


Tips for newcomers to this forum:


1) Visit Outcast Strategy for Jedi Outcast. It's a great site full of Multiplayer Strategy tips. Many questions asked on here are already answered on that page. Visit Strategic Academy for JKA[/b]!


These sites have called "The Multiplayer Manuals that should have come with the Games." So make use of them, and if you see something you think should be added, or is incorrect, email me and let me know!


2) Type Thread Subject Titles that make sense.

Don't just type "Help me!" Or "I have a question...". With dozens or hundreds of posts and dozens of forums, it's hard to sort out all the "Help Help" posts and whether or not we can help.


Use something specific like "Stuck on Nar Shaddaa Streets" or "Can't defeat Desann" or "How do I perform the Backstab move" that is much more precise and easier to figure out. It also saves a moderator from having to edit your thread title (to distinguish it from all the other "help help" titles) or move it to another forum if it doesn't fit here.


3) Tell exactly where you are.

In the game, it's hard to help if you say "I'm hiding behind some boxes." Nobody knows what you're talking about.


4) Emotes aren't in the game... only in mods.

A common occurence on these forums is people complaining that "emotes" (sitting, kissing, waving, whatever) "don't work anymore." The truth is, only various mods have these tricks enabled. The base game itself doesn't have them in Multiplayer. The so-called "butterfly" move is also something that doesn't exist for human players except in mods.


5) Don't ask how to hack/crack/pirate/warez the game or how to cheat in multiplayer (other than servers that allow cheats of course). 'Nuff said.


6) Be polite. As the saying goes, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. ; ) Sometime you may need help, and you'll want people to listen to you, rather than get flamed by them...


7) Finding your "base" folder. This is where JK2 stores most of the goodies you get when you install the game, and is the main folder where mods tend to go. To find it simply do a "search" in windows for assets0.pk3 or assets1.pk3. The folder you find them in will be your "base" folder. It doesn't matter where you installed the game originally, they will be there.


That's all folks! Simple rules of thumb will make everything on these forums a little better. Enjoy your stay...

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Sorry about that guys. The JediKnightii.net version of the page is WAY out of date. Check the links now (at JK.net) and you'll see it's working fine. JK2.net should not be down of course, but it's not the place to go for the latest strategy anymore...


In the future if you see "dead links" on my site, please email or PM me, it'll get fixed much faster! ;)

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