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time travelling..

Ray Jones

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Look in his profile: http://www.lucasforums.com/search.php?searchid=500989


You see that sneaky img URL there in all his posts?

Hit "quote & reply" on his post, and you'll see it:


i think traveling for refreshing :)



Right now that's an 1x1 transparent image, but that can be changed to something spammy in the blink of an eye. Also, since that image is presumably on the server of the spammer, that can of course be used to track how many people read this forum, and provide all sorts of statistic about people here.

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please let your mind just go and have a realistic model of timetraveling designed. does it go only forward? any other issues?


or give good reasons that make it impossible to travel in time.


I don't feel that we ever got to the bottom of Time Travelling.


Interstellar told us that many years could be passing by in one part of the universe while only hours had passed in another due to gravitational time dilation. However I think it was telling porky pies and it could never be that extreme.



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I think that gravitational time dilation happens; it has to, given relativity. Extreme gravitation, like in a black hole, affects all things--and the pace of their interaction (time if you will.)


Picture a universe full of lemon pudding--thick and viscous, it takes more effort to move, effectively slowing down all happenings...including the workings of the clock. Just as it would take five seconds to walk across the room in our universe as measured in our universe, it would take five seconds' worth of clock movement in the pudding universe for someone to walk across their room...but if we could observe the pudding universe while existing in our own, they would appear to be moving very slowly to our eyes.


Porky pies? :max: I am inspired to make porky pies as a lunch special at work tomorrow...and then they wouldn't be a handy term to denote falsehood, since they would be real now...wouldn't they, Roy? Mu-haw-haw-haw!

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