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time travelling..

Ray Jones

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Good lord, no! Those sound horrible. Instead let's round up a few basic ingredients and make


Magic banana sundae



Brown sugar


Vanilla ice cream





Mix together in a bowl five teaspoons or so brown sugar, 1/8 teaspoon cardamom, and just a dash each of cinnamon and ground cloves. Next, peel and cut up a couple of bananas.


Put a skillet on the stove and get it slightly hot before adding a fat chunk of butter. Let the butter melt, but NOT BURN. Next, add the brown sugar mix and stir in the pan. It should begin to form caramel; at this point add the bananas and sautée them just a bit.


Remove the pan from the stove, and serve over the ice cream still warm (it helps if the ice cream is very well frozen.)


:max: Isn't that better than nasssty porridge?

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