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Family Guy


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Any fans of Family Guy here? I know scabb worships it, and I'm just going through the first DVD set now, which is great.


Fun filled fact: Cartoon Network now owns the rights to the show, and after it debuted on Adult Swim it's now bringing in higher numbers than Jay Leno and David Letterman in the key 18-39 (or whatever it is) demographics. A CN vice-president is even trying to get new episodes produced.


One can't help wonder what would have happened ff Fox had thought outside the box. Making Family Guy a late night alternative was a good call by CN - if Fox had done the same thing and produced more episodes their late night ratings could easily topple those of CN.

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They should ahve done the same with Futurama, the makers had always intended it to be shonw later, but instead was shown in prime time.


I love Family guy although alas, I haven't seen it in a while (looks like a trip to the DVD store for me, and i'm trying to save money :()


One thing that sticks in my mind is where they're telling Peter how easy it is to get him drunk, then it shows a clip of him taking a lick of some irish liquered ice cream or something and falling flat on his face breaking a table, funny.

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Originally posted by Neil Joshi

They should ahve done the same with Futurama, the makers had always intended it to be shonw later, but instead was shown in prime time.

Futurama also appears on Cartoon Networks's Adult Swim, although I take it you meant that it was originally intended to be cruder


I have forced Family Guy down the throat of around 4 or 5 real people (Everyone here being figments of my imagination). All of them originally considered it a complete rip-off of the Simpsons, but all of them have purchased the DVD ;-


Family Guy gets no respect on these shores. When it was aired it was done sporadically and was also cut to bits by censors. I snapped the DVD up myself completely on a whim, and now I am total fanboy.

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Adult Swim itself is amazing. Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law is pure brilliance.


But yes Family Guy is greatness... wasn't the show canceled like 3 times then brought back on 3 separate occasions by FOX?

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The show was cancelled after season 2, but the fan-base whinged as loud as they could and it was brought back for a third season. It was cancelled after that due to poor ratings, which were partly due to Fox airing the show sporadicly, and maybe because The Simpsons was still good then.


I hope Cartoon Network UK decide to stick an Adult Swim clone on for us too. They never show any decent shows, there's Dexters Lab and The Powerpuff Girls at best. I demand Space Ghosts and Invader Zim :~

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It was put on hiatus after season one, but then brought back shortly after I believe. Then it was the in-famous "indefinite hiatus" (= cancelled) after season two, when a lot of the writers left. Fox got a new VP or something that liked the show, and it was brought back for a third season and they had to get new writers. I seem to recall that season 3 wasn't up to the two previous ones, though not quite sure about that. We'll see as soon as the new DVD set comes out I guess.

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i think his name was FLOPPY or so.. (it was a toy)..


we have a tvchannel which airs all the old stuff ..

(some are German titles)


-Knight Rider


-Ein Colt für alle Fälle (that headhunting stuntman colt, his cousing howie, and heather locklear as ;) .. :D)

-M*A*S*H (all time fav)

-Magnum pi


-Hardcastle&McCormic (??)





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Gabez, futuramas season 3 commentaries are even finnier than the first two seasons (and I should know, I own all the seasons currently available for me). they are possibly the best for doing audio commentaries as it's about five or six people (cast and crew) sitting in the same room, just having a good time.

Here's a snippet.

**Talking about the episode when suddenly someones phone goes off. it turns out to be David X. Cohens**


David: Sorry, that's my phone **everybody starts mocking david for having a phone call** Hello?

Matt Greoning: Hey, it's me Matt. **please note he's sitting in the exact same room and we can hear everything they say as can the rest of the people on the commentary**

David: oh, hi matt, what are you doing?

Matt: well, i thought i'd do something that's never been done on a DVD commentary and call someone up.

David: Oh right, okay, well you know, I'm glad you called because there's a few thing I want to say about the other people in this room that i don't want them to hear.


Also, the 'nobody cares' song is a classic. (again audio commentary, on the roswell that ends well episode)


Now, back on topic, i just bought Family Guy on DVD but was a little heitant as i haven't seen it in about a year (sky stopped airing it for some reason). I can't believe i forgot how funny it was.


Jesus: Now, for my nest trick, i'm gonna turn this water... into funk *snaps fingers and disco appears with him and everyone in the room dancing 70's style*

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Just like the badguy from Lethal Weapon II

I've got diplomatic immunity so Hammer, you can't sue!

I can write graffiti, even jaywalk in the street

I can riot, loot, not give a hoot and touch your sister's teat

Can't touch me


Stop! Peter time.


I'm a bigshot, there's no doubt

Light a fire and pee it out

Don't like me? Kiss my rump

Just for a minute let's all do the bump


Yeah, the Peter Griffin bump!


I'm Presidential Peter

Interns Think I'm hot

I don't care if yer handicapped

I'll still park in your spot

I've been around the world

form hartford to back bay

It's peter go peter MC peter yo peter

Let's see regis rap this way!


can't touch me


*points to hot girl*


except for you. you can touch me.


God I love that episode.

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