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Griff Sidequest (Mission's Bro) Need Help


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Originally posted by Sgt. Strike

Ok, to clarify something here, you must get Mission to talk about her brother on Taris, before you move onto Dantoonie, then talk to her again to find Lena, and then, well grab her on the way out of the Ebon Hawk to find Lena, and when you go to Tatoonie, you will find out about him. It's all in talking to people.

Pretty sure that's not true. I've initiated Mission's side quest several times without talking to her on Taris or Dantooine. AFAIK, side quest dialogs (and their progression) are only limited to your PC level. The planet you initiate the side quest on plays a very small part (i.e. you can't trigger Jani or Lena on Tatooine, you can't trigger Jordo on Korriban, etc).


I hope that helps.

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