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Monkey Island movies

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I believe it's been discussed before...and I'm no knowlegeable guy, so all I know is the guy that guest spoke at my chuch the other day was EXACTLY PERFECT to play a MI2 version of Guybrush. It was unbelievable. Back on topic though, if it were to happen, I would like to see some people NOT out of Hollywood, with big names, famous faces, etc. A new, lively bunch of kids to make their huge appearances would tickle me. And LeChuck would probably be computer generated. Can't imagine a well made Ghost Pirate that is quite solid, such as a normal actor.


Wrapping up the babble: I would like to see all new or at least not overused people make their big appearance if there was to be a Monkey Island movie. There never will be, though, so...drat.




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I don't know that I would care who played them, except that I want to see more of Dominic Armato. You just can't take him away from the role of Guybrush. I forbid it. :mad:


Seriously though, this is all very hypothetical, because of course Monkey Island is not mainstream enough to have a movie made of it...for which I am actually thankful, because sadly, Hollywood does have a terrible reputation for making crappy movies based on video games. *sighs*


It's fun to speculate, though! :D Actually, I'd be fine with keeping the whole voice acting cast, provided they looked enough like their characters or could be made to resemble them. (They can do extraordinary things with makeup, you know.)

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