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Just another day in 'The Guardians'.... (Starsider PA)

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A report submitted by a Lieutenant Drenarb Xchiline after a successful military operation.



Members present:

Surface Marshall Torynn Vidi

Lieutenant Jaysen Highwind

Lieutenant Drenarb Xchiline

Sergeant Ralth Striklore

Sentinel (First Class) Xipton Matrix

Dr. Arilyn Iio

Possible Recruit - H'Jon StarChaser




The evening began with Sgt. Striklore and Sentinel Matrix meeting up with SF Vidi at the Imperial base on Talus. They were picking off stormtroopers at the base and were quickly joined by myself, Lt. Highwind, and Dr. Arilyn Iio. We grouped together, began planning, and was approached by H'Jon StarChaser who we invited into our humble group. We were led by SF Vidi around the outskirts of the base to the opposite entrance of the base, where there were three stormtroopers and a corporal.


This was a learning experience in itself. As the Surface Marshall went in to pull the corporal, the rest of us followed the man and succeded in aggroing everything in the vacinity. We took out the 3 stormtroopers and the corporal with no losses, but we were still badly injured, so we regrouped, and SF Vidi set us straight about when to follow and when not to follow. Things ran much more smoothly after this. The Surface Marshall then led us into the base, to pick off lone guards. Things were going great until we turned a corner and the Surface Marshall was shot in the back.


We all stopped in our tracks and turned to find that three Imps (PCs) had taken up position by the cloning facility in the Imp base hiding behind two probe droids. Battle, to say the least, ensued. A few of us were quickly incapped, but thanks to the efficiency and quickness of Sentinal Matrix and Dr. Arilyn Iio, we were quickly back on our feet blasting away. We eliminated the pro bots, and incapping a few of the Imps, but at the same time, we also caught the attention of two more stormtroopers. Despite the confusion of the battle, we remained focused, and followed orders issued by SF Vidi. After death blowing the Imps and having them clone and come right back at us and we quickly ended their fun again. The Surface Marshall called for a retreat to gather together and get some much needed healing.


As we were running for a camp area, we were attacked from behind, by the same foes that took us before. Many of us fell, but this worked to the advantage to us. The Imperials were now trapped between the two groups of Guardians, and they quickly fell. We waited on the top of a ridge and were confronted by the Imperials once more, this time with fully healed pets. Again, we quickly eliminated them. At this time, we were becoming greatly fatigued and finding it hard to think (mind pools were becoming low), so SF Vidi called a retreat, and he led us through a group of red cons, so to hide ourselves among the other red blips on the radar. After doing this, we were not attacked for the remainder of the evening.


(OOC: I have to say this was the most fun I have had in game so far. From my point of view, everyone worked marvelously together, even being surprised and attacked from behind. The group followed orders extremely well and our medics did a wonderful job of keeping everyone alive and well. H'Jon StarChaser, as already noted on the boards, was very impressed with our organization and will be a new recruit when the new system is implemented. I would like to say, great job to everyone involved and thank you for putting the spice back in the game for me. If Torynn or Jaysen has any more remarks over this outing, it would be greatly appreciated.)



If this is the type of teamwork, excitement and partnership that you desire, apply to the Guardians today at:




Maximize your Galaxies experience, be part of something.


The Guardians - Libertas Ara Amplus.


Gaelin Masek,


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