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Jango, Boba, Arc Clone, Clone models


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Okay, I have tested the clone and mando packs and I have to say, these are beautiful. I like just about every model in the pack. I say ALMOST, because sadly I fear what i thought before is true. This model just didn't work for boba fett. I prefer the Raven version because it is more accurate in almost every detail. (i.e. cape, wookie scalps, size, etc.) I do not say this to rain on the parade, but just state my opinion. I am sure ill get crucified for that by the people here =o) Other than the Boba (which is still okay), these are easily some of the best models out there, if not the best and I just wanna say GREAT JOB. (Same to aaron's models, but that would be off topic here) Id rate a ten easily for them all.

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Congratulations to the AOTC TC team for all their hard work. The models are top notch quality! Thanks guys. :)


One question (which I hope maybe you've been able to resolve at the TC) have you guys figured out how to extend the player list in MP? As my skins/models stand right now I can't add 1 more new model/skin or it will begin overwritting the icons in the MP player list (the models are still ingame but the icons don't show up in the selection list). Please tell me if you've managed to work out this issue, I'm dying to add your Mandalorian and Clone packs but with so many new skins of each they would overwrite about 10 of my old ones, is there any help you can provide?


Thanks again.

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