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Mini-AG get-together this weekend

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Just wanted to drop in a line to say that Mittens (the gathering of developers, who always seem to be all AGSers) in Sweden this year went down well! We had a turnout of about 16 people altogether I think.


We even showed off our games as a PC was available.


Have fun meeting each other jaf and emma, if you haven't already ;)



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Note: this is Emma who mysteriously managed to use Jaf's account!


Wohooo... I'm tired, all walked out to the point where my legs hurt (josep don't like busses!!) and am in no need for more to eat.... *burp* I suspect I managed to get myself a minor sun stroke yesterday, my face feels like the skin is one size to tight! This has got to be on of the most beautiful places on the planet, I keep taking pictures like nobody's business! You all should pay Jaf a visit too! He's a magnificent host! (He's sitting right next to me! ;) )


Second time I hang with Jaf, mods, so I knew (well, sort of!) what I was getting myself into! ;)


Can't wait until Tuesday when life is FINALLY getting back to normal, as far as AG concerns! :)

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