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is it true??


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Best I heard is that there WAS a script in development, but no longer. There was a department somewhere in the greater Lucas empire that was tasked with developing screenplays for some of the more animated film friendly LEC properties, but the department was scrapped in the big reorganization about... what... a year ago? Of course, this is old info and the project could very well have been resurrected by now, but the rumors that there was an MI movie in development aren't entirely untrue.


If there's any more recent info, though, I'd love to hear it... I assure you, it's most likely that I have more of a vested interest in seeing an MI movie than anybody else here :-)

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Originally posted by Alien426

And don't forget Neil Joshi's site that is dedicated to a MI movie.


Please note, i don't actually think there is going to be an mi movie, this was just a little fun. :)


Yeah, but anyway, I have heard rumors about such a movie, but interestingly enough, no actual proof. So I can't really say, but I doubt it.

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