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Troubles with a Mx700 mouse


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ok, i really hope theres someone out there who can help me with this.


i've started playing JK/JO again the last few weeks to prepare myself for the forthcomming JediAcademy.


in the meantime i have purchased myself a MX700 from logitech -love that mouse!, but i'm having serious dificulties using it with JO. its not the mousewheel bug wich was fixed with the latest drivers from logitech. no, its the right mouse button. i have assigned the button for jump (wich i have used like forever so i cant change it to another button, belive me, i have tried several times.)


it seems to be "stuck" sometimes, as if the game doesnt recognize that i have release the button againg, resulting in uncontrolable jumps and an entirely unplayable game.


as mentioned before i have the newest drivers for it, offcourse new batteries and the reciever is like 2 inches away from the mouse so it isnt a problem with the signal. at first i thought the mouse was broken, so i went to the store and got a brand new one, same problem. then i realized that it wasnt just JO i am having this problem in, its all games that using the Q3 engine like rtCW and Elite force. i have no problems what so ever in any other games. just the Q3 ones.


i've come to the conclusion that this must be an error in ethier the mouseware/drivers from logitech or the Q3 engine, but i've never heard of anyone else having this problem, or seen at hotfix that fixes it. no readme's or known bug mentions this, only the problem with the mousewhell wich i DONT have.


i would be VERY gratefull if any one could enlighten me on this subject.




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