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Questions on Runaway

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I have a few questions on Runaway:A Road Adventure, and would be thankful to anyone who can help out:

1)When is Runaway landing in Australia i.e. Melbourne (or is it getting there at all?)

2)Is there a single working demo out there for the friggin game, all links are dead or useless

3)Does anyone know anything about that band Liquor who composes the music for the game. Where can I buy/get/download the song Runaway by Liquor

4)Does anyone know any underlying technlogies/methods used to create the game? I.e. programming, art etc.


Sorry for all these questions but I just want to get them all outta way





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As far as I know, there has been no Australian release date set or publisher signed up unfortunately. The english version is avaliable in the US (TriSynergy) as you probably know, and is (supposedly) avaliable here in the UK in November (GMX Media, though by the time I write this sentance it'll probably have slipped back again :D). I imagine that an Australian release is only a matter of time, considering the game has now been translated and recorded into english; fingers crossed.


As for demos, no official demo has been released but a beta version released to games publications was released without the developers consent. This is still avaliable as GamersHell (188mb). To play the game you also need the True Motion codec (1.9mb) avaliable from gamershell.


Can't answer your other two questions, sorry :). Anyway, welcome to Adventuregamers :D

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As far as I know: there is no English demo... there is a German demo though...


Liquor is a spanish band... And from the booklet:

Original soundtrack & background music: David Gacía-Morales Inés

Titlesong "Runaway" by: Liquor

Extra guitars: Miguel Carrasco

Singing: Vera Domínguez

All songs recorded at: Divad Ideas, Producciones Sonoras

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