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  1. If you want brain shattering revelations, I've got one for you. Both Craig Derrick and Bill Tiller said in the book that if Curse ever gets remastered they would use 3D. Craig wanted to replace all the assets in 3D, and Bill wanted to repaint the backgrounds and use 3D characters. Personally, I think this would be a huge mistake and it's kinda soured my excitement for a remaster to be made. You just don't do that with a game so heralded for its 2d character animation. Maybe it could work, and I just have limited imagination, but idk, seeing Tiller's other work doesn't inspire much confidence that it could live up to the stellar work that has already been done with the original game.
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  2. For the love of whoever-you-want, keep COMI away from Bill Tiller! Why is there such need as fixing what's not broken in the first place? The hope is that nobody would invest the amount of money necessary to make something more than what's actually useful, which is a remaster with the original clean and high resolution assets...
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  3. MI1's pattern is in a different style, so I'll need to add more features for that to be replicated. Am I missing any other marbled paper patterns, except for MI1?
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