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  2. I dunno how one gauges these things, but I've always gotten the sense that it was a fairly beloved cult classic of the 16-bit era. At any rate the Limited Run Games business model seems to be based on retroactively creating the supply (manufacturing a specific number of units) after accurately measuring the demand (taking all orders in a closed period before going into a one-time production cycle), so I suspect it's all budgeted in such a way as to always be profitable - albeit at what I imagine to be razor-thin margins - regardless of how much demand there ends up being. They've done way more
  3. I didn't know this game was popular enough to warrant such attention?
  4. I think there's still time to become and investor, if that floats your boat, too.
  5. May I suggest going fully Object-Oriented? I don't think I've seen a single class in your code, it's basically almost pure C.
  6. Yesterday
  7. With no deadline on when to deliver them. Ha. I can just imagine Ron limiting it to one a day.
  8. Last week
  9. Ha. A decent interface for emulators was going to be my second project. Crazy. I can't believe you're making a 2D game engine just to use as an interface Realistically I don't know how much time (or talent for that matter) I could contribute. I am but a lowly PHP web developer with an incredibly intense job and vague aspirations.
  10. Then I've screwed up. Off to eBay for me.
  11. No, I meant Psychonauts 2. I remember a Raz statue being part of the goodies, and a physical art book, boxed copy of the game, soundtrack etc. etc. I did back Broken Age back in the day, and I was really glad I did! But I never got Psychonauts 1 because I didn't have a Playstation 2 of XBox back in the day, so I only discovered it on Playstation 4 when it came out. That's why I didn't back part 2.
  12. Jeepers. https://mixnmojo.com/news/Zombies-Ate-My-Retirement-Fund
  13. The goodies, such as the digital soundtrack and digital art book? That's all I can see on the Fig page right now. I can't recall why I didn't back this on fig when it was live. Are there other rewards I don't know about? Edit: Oh, you're probably talking about Psychonauts 1...
  14. So looking forward to this! I replayed part 1 during lockdown and it rocked my world again! I do regret never backing the project, but back then, I don’t think I ever played Psychonauts 1. Would’ve loved some of those goodies though.
  15. I hate getting ruined on the Xbox Showcase.
  16. August 25th, 2021 - Release Date. As me ruined just now on the Xbox Showcase
  17. Earlier
  18. Would you like to join the project? I could use help from a 2nd programmer for a multitude of reasons... I have another project going on called Marley, an emulator bundle, where a GUI designer and pixel art artist help out. This is actually why I'm writing the game engine in the 1st place, to bring more life into its frontend and make the front-end appear more game-like. https://github.com/beaumanvienna/marley#readme You can also reach out here: https://discord.gg/fYPKPU4DpM There would be smaller or bigger tasks, depending on what you prefer...
  19. Well, he is getting paid for it. I hope he charges per signature
  20. Agreed. That's insane. Still by my rough calculations you could do it in five, extremely boring and carpel tunnel syndrome inducing, hours. (I timed myself writing 40 signatures in one minute.) Ron's too smart to agree to something like that, though? Is he going to stamp them or something instead?
  21. Nice! Thanks for the quick history lesson. I didn't realise Disney had cut a deal. They bought spent $4billion and then had to pay extra for the upgrades. Crushing.
  22. Limited Run Games has sent out an update today to those who purchased this MI Anthology. Text Wow, umm, that's a crazy amount of signatures to be putting on a person. That's also holding up work Ron could be doing on their next game. If a signature takes 5 seconds, that extrapolates out to just under 14 hours of labor PLUS he can't use his hand to type on a keyboard for maybe a week. I'm sorry Ron!
  23. That's just the usual forums shenanigans, as embedded images don't load either once more.
  24. For me, the embedded SoundCloud links aren't being rendered, either by SoundCloud or MojoForums. So here's a direct link: https://soundcloud.com/laserschwert/sets/sam-max-hit-the-road
  25. yes it's a great ad. Let me check - I'm quite sure I can give you a scan of it.
  26. Having worked on and off on this, the tracklist has now grown considerably, reaching almost an hour of music. Fun thing I've noticed: The LucasArts logo uses the same theme heard in "Nobody Makes Fun Of My Hair".
  27. It's a good thing I don't have those then. Mixnmojo is the only social media I've got!
  28. Lucasfilm owns the IP itself, so that's what Disney inherited when it acquired the studio. Paramount's distribution rights go back to the original deal George Lucas made with Michael Eisner (then at Paramount) back in 1979. Pretty much every studio turned down Raiders when Lucas shopped it around, and a stumbling block was that they simply didn't believe that Lucas could produce the film for $20 million he claimed he could. The script read like an expensive epic, and Spielberg had a reputation for going overbudget before Raiders. Lucas and Spielberg were committed to deliver under the promised
  29. Just scrolling down Twitter, Facebook or Google News spits out so much already.
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