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  3. Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you all know about a fun little experiment I'm trying tomorrow night. I'm hosting a "#monkey-island meetup" in my Discord server tomorrow night, and you're all welcome to join: https://discord.gg/8wSWwQNfnQ And lest anyone get the wrong idea: the last thing I want to do is be perceived as competition for Mojo. I have no intention of drawing people away from the forums or anything like that! I'm a longtime lurker, but I've been a Mojo fan and supporter since the late 90s. I actually started the Lucasarts Adventure Games facebook group to fill the void
  4. I've heard there were lots of niggles with the PS2 version as well. I also picked it up and didn't notice anything hugely terrible. I don't know if they're more subtle (controls not being responsive, etc) or if they fixed things for the PS4 version. I'd also like to know the major differences.
  5. Still not working... the last time it got back to working again much faster. Edit: And we're back!
  6. Thanks for the bug report @OzzieMonkey! Have you been using the latest dev build? Please try that one and tell me if it happens again (I did start a new game on Android a few days ago, now I'm on Blood Island, and I didn't encounter this problem) A little update on the ScummVM dev side: after this work was done (and there's still a Pull Request pending for Full Throttle) they asked me to go and properly decompile the original Digital iMUSE; this is gonna take A LOT. Luckily half the decompilation work was already done in 2008, but still, the hard part will be the integration o
  7. Hi everyone, in anticipation of it's sequel I recently started replaying Psychonauts, and man, this game is great! I actually didn't pick this up until a couple of years ago on PS4 (it's a port of the PS2 version). I don't often play games on my PC anymore, (because nowadays I work on my PC everyday, so I'd rather have a couch experience when I'm done working,) but apparently the PS2 version is seen as an inferior version. I did notice several graphical shading errors, especially in in-game cutscenes, but other than that the game seems fine to me, and I enjoy it immensely.
  8. Hey OzzieMonkey, thanks for the update on the project! I'm actually waiting to replay CMI until these bugs are fixed, so I can play it with the music like it's supposed to be. So I just wanted to tell you how awesome of a job you're doing! Next time, maybe it would be a good idea to open up a new thread for this, as I think these two topics are too unrelated (the reply's might get mixed up this way). Keep up the good work!
  9. I posted this in the comments where Andywinxp posted about his iMuse fixes but it ocurred to me that article is too old for people to go back to and see, so I'm posting it here. "So I've done some more testing, and there seems to be a bug in the music. Sometimes, when the music is transitioning from one track to another, the previous track continues to play, or it transitions to the start of the next song rather than whatever the track's up to. For example, in the Barbery Coast, when you finish talking to one Rottingham, it transitions to the main theme but keeps playing the Rottingham v
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  11. I've released new versions of 4 programs: Double Fine Explorer adds support for the .isb files in Psychonauts so it can play all music/speech/sfx and fixes some minor issues with the main .pkg bundle. See the readme for more information. Telltale Music Extractor, Telltale Speech Extractor and Telltale Explorer now all support The Walking Dead Definitive Series and the wonderful Sam & Max Save the World remaster. Download links on the software page.
  12. It fixes itself. Why do the forums behave like this? Who knows! But here we are.
  13. I recently picked up something that I highly doubt anyone else here has, as I'm probably the only person crazy enough to do so. They are Pogo (bootleg Lego) figures of the Telltale versions of Bane, Batman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, The Joker (and John Doe), Mr. Freeze, and The Riddler. I ordered them back in November, and they finally arrived this month (since they shipped from China). I wasn't sure what to expect, since I read that Lego bootlegs by Pogo can vary hugely in quality from awful to just as good as the Lego figures. Now that they've arrived, I can
  14. Yeah, it happens from time to time... then it goes back to normal. No idea if it fixes itself or someone actually has to do any work for that
  15. Is anyone else not seeing any in-post images on these forums any more? I just see blank space, both in Chrome and Edge. Some I can click on to get the picture to open fine in a new tab, some if I right-click to open in a new tab I just get 'spacer.png'. I want to see the Hit The Road comparisons and the new DOTT crops!
  16. Hey guys, I'd like to put up another request for scanning a few items for the poster project. Currently I am especially looking for material from the earlier Lucasfilm/Activision titles, "Koronis Rift" and "The Eidolon". Both were released on floppy and on cassettes, but the cassette cases usually are too small to provide a high quality artwork. "Koronis Rift" at least had a big-box floppy release on C64 in Europe, which provides a rather large, clean version of Terry Hoff's artwork: Strangely though there seems to be another version of the floppy release, with a cro
  17. Just pre-ordered mine. I'm hoping that if it sells well, with the renewal of "Lucasfilm Games," we might see a new Monkey Island game someday...
  18. Late to the party, but thanks so much for sharing this. Super cool!
  19. Just a quick shot of my condensed collection, many of the boxes hold multiple copies and various schwag. eventually ill make a more detailed post but considering a lot of that I got from a mixnmojo contest in the first place it wouldn't be much new. I still have the envelope and letter from Gabez its in one of the copies of the classic adventures bundle
  20. Maybe wait to see the product quality first before brandishing their logo? Who am I kidding... I need a fine leather jacket.
  21. If I find or get good material for it, sure.
  22. So awesome to see this classic art in high def. Any chance of a high def, textless version of this Afterlife poster?
  23. hello everyone i am new here and i have this
  24. hello everyone now that lucasfilm games are back, will you think that maybe we can have back a lucasarts games Video Game Merchandise like the old one?
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