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  3. Personally I'd flip it, and assume the plaque is an anachronism (effectively a fourth wall break) and that the stuff we see in the frame story setting is realer than that. But it is open-ended enough to read it either way. Curse of Monkey Island establishes that animatronics exist within the pirate world, at least as a concept
  4. More nothing thoughts… The plaque in the theme park at the end implies that the series is actually set in modern day. I don’t know why but that really surprised me. I for some reason thought that the pirate world was early 1700s and the end of monkey 2 was just later that same century. No idea why i thought that, probably the clothes. Everyone has period costumes on (including guybrush in this game) but apparently THAT was the anachronism and everything we previously thought to be anachronistic was actually appropriate.
  5. The very first screenshot that was shown of Melee Town showed the alley in High Street made inaccessible by the fish crates. This ended up not being in the game, correct?
  6. I discovered Cog Island completely through normal play! I was collecting the trivia cards while I considered what to do next, and one came up that was a bit weird: It mentioned an island I know didn't exist, but it also game a map co-ordinate as answer. I decide to try out the map co-ordinate to see if it could exist on the game map... and it could! So I told Guybrush to dive down and lo! An island of cut content, that I wish hadn't been cut! Of course you can't come back up... so you end up dying, which felt weird at the time. But it was fine with the autosave feature. A great easter egg to stumble across!
  7. I must say Part II of this game is probably my favorite "Island-less" act in all of the Monkey Island games. Everything was perfect
  8. One piece of music I particularly loved was when Guybrush frees Murray in Leship's hold (right after we hear a rendition of Murray's theme from TOMI). The music in that "room" changes once you can explore the whole ship (it then becomes a variation within the whole Leship music suite), and you never get that piece of music again. It was quite fantastic:
  9. After rejoining the forum, I realised that I never opened the chest! I was kind of disappointed in the reveal, and it was really late, and so I didn't really explore the area. I thought that was it. Tonight I went back and considered some of things I've read here, and that the "Secret" was that the entire thing was a theme park (just as Bill Tiller told us), it has made the ending more poignant. Especially Guybrush on the bench, looking back. It might take me a while to process it all. I'm so glad it's getting so well reviewed, though! And (again) I don't know why the graphics looked to awful to me in the screenshots and the trailer, it looks wonderful. I simply cannot imagine the game looking any different now. I think Rex was the perfect choice! (Although I bet he's traumatised from the experience!) Same goes for the voice acting. Dom was perfect. Even Alexandra Boyd, who I have struggled with in other games, was perfectly great. Strangely the biggest issue I have is probably with the dialogue. Sorry to repeat myself, but the whole game was just so damned PLEASANT. Everyone is in such a good mood and so willing to be lovely to everyone. It kind of stripped the game of having any big laugh out loud moments. Which isn't to say the characters weren't memorable or interesting, they all were. But there wasn't any drama. I really thought Elaine following Guybrush's trail of destruction was going to lead to a big confrontation, but it just led to another pleasant conversation. No matter what Guybrush says, Elaine forgives him or shrugs it off. It's not "bad", per se, it's just a not very "Monkey Island" choice. Was this the lack of Tim Schafer in the room? Dave Grossman seems likely an unflappably lovely guy... was this his cheery voice in every character? Obviously Ron and Dave have talked about this game being a reflection of who they are today. Are they both just incredibly mellow 50-somethings? Did they deliberately not attempt to capture the original feel? As I say, it's not "bad". It's quite enjoyable being in this pleasant world. It's just not what Monkey Island has been for the past 30 years. (Shrugs) Anyway... random thoughts!
  10. I beat #Mojole #189 and all I got was this stupid t-shirt. 4/6 https://funzone.mixnmojo.com/Mojole/
  11. I think more games may have been implied in return itself. When you fill the scrapbook and get the letter from ron and dave you’re then shown the back cover of the book with a note from guybrush saying “note to self, get more paper for the rest of my adventures” i know that was on the back page from you first booting up the game but it does feel very intentional to give you a summary of return, a message from r&d and then a tease for more to come.
  12. Here’s a thought. Is the intro shot actually just… Moving on… The covered-up ‘spit’ sign itself isn’t particularly subtle, but I enjoyed how the actual location of that area is roughly where it should be relative to the Big Whoop-ified version of Booty Town.
  13. I beat #Mojole #189 and all I got was this stupid t-shirt. 2/6 https://funzone.mixnmojo.com/Mojole/
  14. Nothing at all happens. The 100th correct card is treated just like the 2nd. I was way more excited than the game was when I got it.
  15. Outside the museum (Carla's old house) is a playground pirate ship and a playground treasure chest. Guybrush comments that he used to love playing in chests like that, until he was stuck in one for some days. Aside from exaggerating being stuck in it for "days", could this have been from MI2 where he's in a voodoo shipping crate between Part 2 and Part 3? But he could see Guybrush when Guybrush was on Monkey Island, looking through a spyglass. At least that's what I thought the line meant. But yes, as you say, it could just mean the Lookout was facing that way.
  16. Given Monkey Island's popularity in Germany, I'm surprised there has been no German fan translation/version ever. Or if there has, I've never heard of it.
  17. Jake, thank you so much for taking the bait! I appreciate the response... it's certainly more concrete than anything I took away from my viewing of The Return. I'm also someone who always kinda liked MI2's ending. I felt like it was a really nice balance between a parody of a cliffhanger ending and a real cliffhanger ending, with just enough ambiguity for the player to draw their own conclusions. I'm still coming to terms with RTMI's ending which feels too close to a rehash of MI2's ending, with a different coat of a ambiguity painted on it. (Not to mention the reveal of "The Secret" as something intentionally/unavoidably anticlimactic.) Which is also how I felt about Twin Peaks: The Return's ending. While the story arc was consistent with Cooper's character, the big climax in Twin Peaks (the town) was oddly anticlimactic, with an epilogue that introduced an out-of-the-blue cliffhanger that will almost certainly never be paid off (and probably is never intended to be.) In neither case was the ending "an accident" and they're certainly intending to convey something to the audience about endings... but again, it seems like we're covering the same territory previously covered, which brings me back to the question of, what motivated this return in the first place? Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the hell out of Return to Monkey Island, and I'm so glad that it exists! Some of my disappointment in the ending is simply that the game is over. But a greater meaning aside from "story endings are weird and hard!" just keeps slipping through my fingers.
  18. Hmm. I interpreted what you said to mean that it would be closing chapter with little references to the other games in the series, when actually the whole experience (including the scrap book and trivia book) is designed to bring them into one cohesive whole. So, I said false because it doesn't feel like a "final third instalment", it seems to go out of its way to be inclusive of every story -- and any future stories.
  19. It seems more like a reality where the pirate life became the dominant way of living long after it did in our one... Either way, it comes across (to me) like an alternate universe not dissimilar to the one where Guybrush is imagining his adventures. (Hence my "having its cake and eating it, too" comment.) It's all very confusing and contradictory, and probably exactly what Ron wanted!
  20. I guess this ones open to interpretation but imo you could definitely just play the 3 gilbert games and not realise there were other games in between.
  21. I think it would have been funnier if Boybrush and Chuckie were actually brothers. Those would have been some wild genetics, and a funny naming method for your two children. Oh well. In an MI continuity where Guybrush and Elaine didn't get married, I think its very likely Dee would have instead been baby Elaine in the park. This is just personal speculation of course. But still. It's a good thing Guybrush and Elaine did get married, or we wouldn't have been treated to those amazing anchor facts. I don't think Elaine would have known that much about anchors. Nobody knows more than Dee.
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