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  2. It was considered at some point, but never came to be.
  3. I found a tiny version of that sweatshirt on the Internet Archive: I have a bunch of Telltale, Double Fine, and Terrible Toybox (Thimbleweed Park) merchandise. None from LucasArts though.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Perfect! Thanks OzzieMonkey. Guess I have some more exploring to do...
  6. It's definitely not that and it will be very apparent what the design is because you will come across it eventually. I hope that's vague enough.
  7. Alright - I give. It's been about a week on this one thing and I need a hint - but I'm worried about looking up anything because I don't want any actual details. If anyone either knows Zak well - or doesn't mind looking up the answer for me and letting me know if I'm on the right track ... I would be eternally grateful. Spoiler, just because I've done this to myself: I did a test run of a couple of maze areas and found my way in / out without much issue .... and without actually making a map. So far, I have learned that my pen/paper map-making skills are incredibly rusty. But, my absurd logic seems still in tact - so I guess I have that going for me.
  8. Last week
  9. Oh man I had to go waaay back into my YouTube liked videos list to find this one. Bonus points for the cosplay "Ahhh my violin... I like to keep it where my heart used to be."
  10. From Noah Falstein Facebook. Terryl Whitlatch's drawings of the intelligent alien race in Falstein's version of the Dig (circa 1990). Whitlatch will later design Sebulba or Jar Jar Binks for Geoge Lucas in SW Episode 1.
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  12. Fixed for me too, thanks! Weird though, since I WAS able to still send messages 2 weeks or so ago.
  13. And while we're at it, here's probably my all time favourite LucasArts track (outside of the Monkey Island theme itself I guess). It's actually rare because it's the Amiga version... and it's programmed to change every time LeChuck catches you. But the first section, before the instruments start to warp (ie. before LeChuck comes in), is the bit I love. I wish it went on for longer. It's so weird and haunting, and perfect for what's going on in the game... (HOPEFULLY THE VIDEO WILL JUMP TO THE RIGHT SECTION -- Should be Under Dinky Island in the tunnels.)
  14. A new Apple II proof-of-concept adaptation of SOMI has a kicking chiptune version of the opening..
  15. Yep, that fixed it for me! I guess the system wasn't prepared for people to have 100s over the limit or something? (Odd that it gave a 403 error though, rather than a "mailbox full" message.) Good job, BB.
  16. Laser it says you have 211 messages and Thunderpeel you have 170. So that must be why. I've bumped the quota up to 250 for now.
  17. The only vaguely relevant thing I can see is that max stored conversations is set to 50. And its set to stop you sending messages to people who have reached that. I've bumped it up to 55 to see if its that.
  18. I'm guessing a permission thing. I'll have a look around the admin settings and when that fails I'll pester Zaarin.
  19. Still not working for me. Maybe a region thing?
  20. It was working for me a few weeks ago and I've just successsfully PM'ed now so its working for me. Not sure what it is.
  21. Confirming I get the same error: https://forums.mixnmojo.com/messenger/compose/?to=12954
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  23. Just to let you know, trying to send a PM to another user throws a 403.
  24. Finally it's been a year since I ordered I'm so excited
  25. Just wondering if you've had any time? Thanks!
  26. https://scummbar.com//resources/downloads/index.php?todo=Fan_Music There is a mistake at: downloads DeAdLy_cOoKiE Monkey Island theme remix The URL lacks a 3 at mp3. It should be: https://scummbar.com/community/fanmusic/files/Monkey Island theme - DeAdLy_cOoKiE091303162541.mp3 Best regards, Iker.
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