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  3. It's not the game in the catalog I would have prioritized, but I'll have to front page it when I get a chance. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. SO HYPED i am very happy to see this kind of a comeback what kind of games would you like to see more? (i wish there where an offical lucasfilms games website for this stuff)
  5. You could just set up a Facebook account that you don't use for anything other than Facebook login
  6. Like I said, i'm a PS VR owner. I actually got one the moment it was released, because it's been my dream to game in VR ever since i saw it in Sam and Max Hit the Road. So far, I'm not really excited by it. The best games I played with it are more or less tech demo's you can finish in 1,5 hours (Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin is great though!), or too scary for me to play in VR (Resident Evil 7, anyone?) I've since lost my interest in VR gaming a little, although I'm definitely gonna give Sam and Max a chance. The PS VR is however a bit obsolete by now, since it has a pretty low
  7. It's a testament to how much of a Sam & Max nut I am that I seriously investigated obtaining a refurbished Oculus just to play this one game. Then I found out you have to log in to a Facebook profile to use it, and that was the end of that. I'm starting to remember why I largely stopped playing new games many years ago. I find the enrollment aspect instantly exhausting. Anybody care to give a crabby old bastard the rundown on the other VR options and what they feel entitled to beyond a $999 investment?
  8. It's not even a question of taste, I would say. One can prefer Bill's new interpretation of the Barbery Coast to the original, but the fact is that's just not what CMI looked like. I think there must be a way to bring CMI up to high resolution without forfeiting its distinctly "scratchy" style.
  9. The detail is very impressive! I can't even see it's an upscale (and that's 4 years of graphic design school talking)! Also, I agree 100% with Jason. The proof of concept looks way too clean for a CMI remaster. I guess I'm just a sucker for hand drawn art. Most of the time digital just doesn't have that rough, human quality.
  10. Here's a look at the original pencil layer of the painting, both before and after upscaling: For upscaling I used the ESRGAN model I've trained on posters by Drew Struzan, so the pencil work is interpreted based on his style. But I'd say it appears very faithful to what can be seen in the low resolution scan of Tiller's original drawing, even if the detail is just created artificially. If the original background paintings were built the same way as the cover, they could probably be upscaled the same way as this (plus they'd still be at f
  11. Thanks for the better quality images! I agree that the darker version is better, but it still seems more kindred to Ghost Pirates than CMI. Bill's contribution to CMI as Lead Background Artist is immeasurable, but Larry Ahern was that game's art director, and I feel like any hi-def revisit of the game should be done in collaboration with him. Maybe he'd surprise me by signing off on this, but to me making CMI so smooth just feels wrong, and at any rate a new interpretation. I would love to see what CMI would look like if the black and white backgrounds were rescanned in hi-res and
  12. You can find the high resolution version here. He actually created 2 versions. I prefer the dark one as it's more similar to the original. I kinda like it, it just takes a bit to get use to it.
  13. Those pencil lines are such an elemental part of CMI's overall art style that it seems heretical to smooth them out. It's why I found Bill Tiller's proof of concept for a hi-def CMI a little threatening. Independently it looks lovely, but it doesn't really feel like CMI.
  14. Great work. I’ve never seen CMI art with enough fidelity to appreciate all those fine organic details.
  15. I took out my Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade box, but noticed that the manual and hint book were in black and white. So I'm afraid only a scan of the box would be helpfull. This box is different from most other LucasArts games, since it is not really drawn artwork, but a picture of Harrison Ford and Sean Connery. That original picture can be found here: https://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/Zjk7MDA_/5af3d9423dda6a51774fbeaa4163d986.jpg Anyway, this is the scan of the box (600 dpi, no filtering applied, saved in max quality jpg).
  16. Fantastic! The difference is night and day! Sometimes I just look at all the posters and zoom in, just to see the detail. I noticed the ‘unnatural’ smoothness of the CMI poster just the other week, and lo and behold, we’re already presented with an update! It’s so great of you to keep updating these, Laserschwert. A real passion project for a passionate community! Thanks!
  17. I finally got around to update the CoMI posters using some of my better upscaling methods, which keeps much more of Bill Tiller's original pencil detail. The links are updated in the opening post. A few comparisons:
  18. Scans are always helpful, thanks a lot! I already have a few scans, but it's never enough. I also have high-res versions of the original promo photos used for the covers of both the adventure and the action game, but everything else I'll have to take from the boxes. So please, go ahead and scan away! As always, 600dpi, no filtering, please. By the way, the problem with this "poster" is that the logo placement forces the inclusion of the marbled border. Until now, I've shied away from including the borders - and apart from Fate of Atlantis (which came with its own, artwork-appropria
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  20. Does anyone have the Nightlight audio dramas of Grim Fandango? Their site is offline and they are also not in the mixnmojo media section. I never got into them back in 2002 but I was interested in doing so now. I wonder if the website is saved anywhere other than archive.org. I'd be interested in reliving the whole presentation. Thanks!
  21. What an awesome thread! I specially signed up to the forum for this one. I'm a HUGE LucasFilm Games / LucasArts fan. But I see that the game that started it all for me is still missing: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I do have the original box / manual / hintbook ... in great condition. If I can help out be sending over high res scans of the artwork, to get it adapted in such wonderfull posters, please let me know!
  22. Cool find. I don't know if it's the same project or yet another one, but the Rogue Leaders book refers to a cancelled 3D game meant as a spiritual successor to Zombies. Concept art for "Sawyer" can be seen here.
  23. Yesterday some information and two screenshots from a Zombies Ate My Neighbors sequel pitch (that never went into full production) appeared on Unseen64 – following a tweet from 2020-08-13.
  24. Wow! It's nice to see so much more media is released! I'm looking forward to that 'maybe' Steve Purcell cover art, if they pull that off, I'm definitely getting a physical copy! The interview is also a nice read, their enthusiasm really shines through in it. Thanks, Jason! The only thing I'm kinda bummed about, is that us PS VR owners will need to wait 'till 2022...
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