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  2. I really like how there's an air of meloncholy to this version, to me this tells the story of Guybrush going back to a critical part of his life, but things are different, he's a different person and been through so much, he's been avoiding it for too long, but now it's time for one last adventure...it's time to Return to Monkey Island. To me, this is perfect! I hope the actual theme is as good, (though I'm sure it will, we're dealing with the MI2 musical trio here :D)
  3. Indeed. It's a pretty old instrument. As I understand it it's a bowed instrument, like a violin, but the bow is operated by that crank, and is in a sort of loop, so you can just turn and hold notes indefinitely. And then the other hand controls the notes through keys.
  4. Well they also said it's a game about pirates, and: "we also were very aware that there are probably way more people out there in the world who’ve never played Monkey Island but have heard about it. We also wanted to do something that was accessible to them so that they could be eased into the world of Monkey Island and not feel like outsiders the moment they started the game. Those are really important story and design aspects of what we tackle." I think there'll be some weirdness through out, but must like MI2 it'll be heavily confined to the end (and probably the start. Hard to start where MI2 left off without being a BIT weird.)
  5. I think people were more thinking that he could be slightly older if there is a timeskip involved. I doubt they'd make him particularly old. Anyway, while I'm here I might as well reshare one interpretation of how a new-style MI theme could sound. It was based on the idea that MI1 and 2 had quite different takes on the theme, and I'd like it if ReMI went for soemthing different too.
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  7. Don't be so dismissive of the best character in the franchise!!! I beat #Mojole and all I got was this stupid t-shirt. 4/6 https://funzone.mixnmojo.com/Mojole/
  8. Thank you so much, I'm so interested to see how Rex will interpret Guybrush in this game. His art style is pretty unpredictable. It's not like Matt Groening where the eyes, nose and mouth often look the same. I think its a safe bet that Guybrush will have dots for eyes based on the characters we've seen. I've heard others talking about Guybrush being an old man. I don't mind this idea but only if they don't alter his personality into a cranky old man.
  9. 400 threads on the Telltale forum before episode 1 even launched. I'm definitely on board with this.
  10. I really like this, it looks very guybrushy and it combines the familiar look&feel with the new art style. There might be a reason why we didn't see Guybrush yet, maybe he's undead and a ghost/zombie pirate after what happened in Lechuck's Revenge (tm). Ron said this is going to be an E-ticket ride. I hope it's not getting too weird and we'll still get a normal story + adventure. Also they mentioned in an interview that the games reflected their current life. When they began making games and working at lucasfilm Guybrush wanted to be a pirate, very young and naive. Now they are older and maybe Guybrush got older too.
  11. Wow, didn't expect this kind of response, thanks! Alright, if it's okay with the mods, I'll add a PayPal donation link to the opening post. It'll only stay up as long as it's needed. EDIT: Here we go! I've refrained from putting it in the opening post, so that no one thinks this is general payment for the poster project itself (greetings, Disney lawyers!). The funding goal is set to 75 USD, so that it only covers the costs of the map. As a side note: Collecting money to acquire a map feels very adventure-game-appropriate.
  12. I beat #Mojole and all I got was this stupid t-shirt. 4/6 https://funzone.mixnmojo.com/Mojole/
  13. I posted this sketch before but thought I'd share it here too. I tried to predict what Guybrush would look like based on Rex's previous art. I'm probably way off, but fun to guess.
  14. That’s a hurdy-gurdy! I think it’s quite popular in the Sea of Thieves world (I’m not really a player, I have only played it a few times, but I have seen a few videos where it’s used).
  15. I think at the very least we can not essentially ban ReMI threads existing independently of the generic ReMI thread by merging them, but instead let them live and die on their own merits. I suspect or at least hope ‘is Ron a liar’ would come and go pretty quickly. We could still merge similar ones together, for example if people started creating entirely new threads for each piece of fan art, it would make sense to fold them into a more generic fan art thread. Certainly I think the main ReMI thread has fantastic moments but is also becoming impenetrable, which will mean interesting threads of discussion get under-discussed because people can’t deal with the constant onslaught of replies (I have seen feedback from multiple people now to this effect). For example, we might still be speculating about the chef being hidden in the background of the trailer and other fun details if that had been its own occasionally bumped thread, but instead that moment came and went in a heartbeat and is now buried under a million replies. Someone passing by a few days or even weeks later just misses out. Just look at how the Amiga thread is the gift that keeps on giving.
  16. I thought that, but then I thought "would it be annoying if threads about every aspect of the game spilled into the main forum?" (eg. "Is Ron a liar?" -- doesn't really seem worth a new thread). I don't know, I guess the current main thread is sort of a "ReMI Daily Chat". I suppose we could start a new forum, rename the current MegaThread™ to "Daily Chat and News" and keep spoilers to its own thread... I mean once the game hits, is splitting things into two forums inevitable anyway? I don't know. I'm completely in two minds...
  17. Wow, I’m always so impressed by these musicians who handle all these instruments so well. What the hell is this?!
  18. (Which means I'm happy to donate a bit too)
  19. The way that one samples Murray repeatedly saying "Ron Gilbert..." "Ron Gilbert... told.. me" is baffling. Wouldn't be MI fan art without weird choices though. This one showed up a couple weeks after the trailer and made me happy. Also theres this, which showed up early too:
  20. You’ve all seen this, right? I find the start a little slow personally, but it picks up massively after a minute, and then when the falling theme came in…
  21. It has been validly pointed out that having just one absolutely humongous thread for Return to Monkey Island discussion is perhaps getting a bit much. For now, we’re going to encourage breaking it out into other threads of discussion, as there’s certainly enough to talk about to fill a hundred threads. This one is for fan work! Post your or anybody else’s lovely art, music, fiction, games, and anything else created in celebration of Return to Monkey Island. (Ideally we keep this to ReMI-related stuff otherwise we’ll just be posting decades of creations, but I guess any stuff created during the ReMI hype is all good.)
  22. And another Murray sinks to the bottom of the ocean.
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