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  1. O-hoh. My mother threw one of his books into my christmas stocking for no good reason other than it being 50p and in the bargain bin or whatever. Straight onto the bookshelf! It's not cool to read ostentatiously-sleeved fantasy on a beach somewhere though. Unless it's the Princess Bride of course, in which case it's infinitely cool and sure to attract any scantily clad young women in the vicinity.
  2. Gabez, you must immediatly read every Dahl book ever in order to complete your apparently horribly sheltered childhood. Essentials include Matilda, The Witches, Boy and the Charlie books. I picked up Gulliver's Travels today from a charity shop. SOMEONE decided it would be a good idea to 'scrawl' all over it though, which displeased me initially! However, perhaps there'll be some juicy insights into Gulliver's adventures! I'm a little bit into American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I thought 'Neverwhere' was a bit average, and I'm not that impressed so far. My attention span is pathetic, though. My reading will no doubt pick up when I go on holiday and remain consistent until I head to university, so I may pick up some of the Gabez recommended titles - I've always wanted to read the Alice books and I'd like to check out Artemis Fowl too. Any more recommendations for someone who enjoys the likes of Dahl, Rowling, Salinger, Italic tags, Palahniuk, Pullman, but not Pratchett?
  3. I would hereby like to demand a five minute version of the Raz-wins-badge music.
  4. Oh man. I have two iTunes shortcuts. The shame! The embarassment! Especially since I'm winamp through and through! I also feel like an outcast, in not thumbnailing or opting for the seemingly trendy png file format. Remi, you need to post your real desktop and stop pretending to be a Mac-man.
  5. Pfft to those of you who have inflated your avatars to elephant-size. Think of those poor fops on modems, people. And those poor fops who don't enjoy being eye-raped by giant avatars.
  6. I like, Thrik. Mine's pretty uninspired at the moment. Link! (Too cool to thumbnail up)
  7. I've seen Fantastic Four and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory in the past week. Now, I was expecting very little from F4, and it is definitely a cheesy hollywood CGI-type film... but it's not too bad. I enjoyed myself. The half-naked Jessica Alba scene was excellent; painfully gratuitous, and they definitely got the Human Torch & The Thing spot on. They messed up the rest of the characters, though - especially Doom - but the end result was still watchable, if a little embarassing. Now, Chocolate Factory - excellently cast, Johnny Depp certainly made for an interesting Willy Wonka, although he wasn't exactly the quick-talking enthusiastic Wonka of the book. I didn't particularly care for Wonka's back-story - it brought him back down to earth, which isn't where Wonka belongs. Burton seemed to want to tack on some sort of moral about how nothing's more important than family, and while this wasn't exactly done badly, it was unnecessary. I think Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory ended on a better note, with the great glass lift bursting through the ceiling of the chocolate factory and sailing off into nowhere. Don't get me wrong though, the film was still pretty good - it was just nothing special, pretty much run-of-the-mill Burton.
  8. I really wanted to go see Kung Fu Hustle, anything that involves Yuen Wo Ping choreographing is usually ace. Pfft at Skeleton Key. The flood of Japanese horror doesn't do anything for me, although I did appreciate The Ring a little (The Americano version). On the other hand, the flood of superhero titles is still very much welcome. Batman Begins was absolutely brilliant, especially the comical Batman voice that Bale uses to "terrify". I'm pretty much expecting Fantastic Four to be terrible, but I'm still off to see it tomorrow. I'd give Sin City a firm five stars too. It's certainly not subtle, but why does it need to be? It's apparently a nigh on perfect adaptation of the comics too, looky. I'm glad I don't pass any bookstores on the way back from the cinema, as I'm in enough debt as it is. War of the Worlds was good too, very scary. I've not read the book, but I was aware of how it ended... however: Films that I wouldn't particularly recommend would be Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Wedding Crashers. I recognise how clever Douglas Adams was, but I don't find him particularly funny, in the same way I'm not a big fan of Monty Python or Terry Pratchett I suppose. Wedding Crashers was just a poor American comedy flick too, certainly not in the same league Zoolander, Old School, Dodgeball or even Anchorman. Finally, I would also like to heartily endorse Danny Boyle's Millions. It's really just Shallow Grave for kids, but it's still ace. Very sickly-sweet though, the more cynical should probably avoid.
  9. I take back all the things I ever said about you behind your back, Alien. Thumbs up for you!
  10. 1044. ;D Or should I not have posted that? I've read several articles about identity fraud recently. Didn't it happen to Robert Kilroy-Silk? Probably not, but still, If he's vulnerable, we all are. He also got showered in feces. Still, I'll probably vote for him. No wait, actually, it was the Alistair McGowan guy, and it was really ironic since he impersonates people and is rubbish.
  11. I'm impressed! The game certainlyh looks interesting and plays very well. I've pretty much ignored the hype, but I think I may buy into it a bit more now. Mouse controls needed inverting and desensitising, and I think I'll be happier to buy a pad. Still, very impressive when you consider this is a console port with platform elements. I only had a small problem jumping between tight-ropes after I got used to everything. Hopefully it'll do better than Beyond Good & Evil, which is probably the closest thing to it.
  12. Moo. Are you lot actually playing Worms Armageddon rather than World Party nowadays, then? If so, how often? I know they're practically the same game, but I thought the whole point of World Party was to improve the online playability side of things. Does Armaggedon still use WormNET? Only I'm behind a particularly evil VPN that doesn't really want me to connect to WormNET.
  13. I thought I, Robot was pathetic, but it has been getting quite a bit of praise from the critics for being an "action film with a brain". A brain? It just seemed like one big cliché, with Will Smith shouting "Daayam!!" and "Heyall No!" (It's 'hell', William) and robots developing feelings and/or going on a mad rampage of sorts. It was Men in Black 3
  14. 1. The all-new James Bond film! 2. It's familiar. Can I have a point? 3. I like this. Also familiar, but my memory FAILS. 4. Sounds like the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, although I'm pretty sure nothing this tinkly would be in Pirates of the Caribbean. So I'll go with "Hawk the Slayer", for no reason whatsoever. 5. Australian! Totally. Therefore it must be Neighbours: The Movie. 6. Shrek 2! Hurrah 7. Cuss. John Williams, Harry Potter? 8. Pirates of the Carribbean! Although actually not. The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride! 9. Spider-man theme, Elfman ;D 10. And Mars Attacks! Total roll! Dial Og: God knows! 11. Beauty and the Beast. I win. 12. Master & Commander? I haven't seen it, but this sounds recent and triumphant-ocean-cruise-esque. 13. Yes. 14. I would remember this if I'd seen the film. Maybe. 15. The Green Hornet, theme to the TV show "The Green Hornet". Also in Kill Bill. And was the end credits for recent BBC sitcom "The Worst Week of my Life", which wasn't bad. Die-log: Hee Hee. Die Hard. 16. No. Dialogue: The Big Lebowski ;D 17. Maybe. 18. The Triplets of Belleville/Rendezvous/Something-or-other. Didn't know you'd seen this, Tones. 'Tis good! Although you still haven't seen Spirited Away yet, which also has an excellent soundtrack. >: 19. La-la-la. 20. Eine Kleine whatever rearrangement. Don't know the film. 21. Home Alone! Tee. Then the choir join in! Send plz. ;D Dialogue Unknown! 22. Erm, Pirates of the Caribbean. 23. Pirates of the Caribbean! 24. Hawk the Slayer's rubbish! No, I mean, Pirates of the Caribbean. 25. This one is Pirates of the Caribbean, too! Dialogue: Some Monty Python RUBBISH.
  15. In an attempt to bring this topic back on track, I shall banter about the upcoming Half-Life 2! I don't plan to say anything about Half-Life 2, as I don't know much - but to celebrate it's upcomingness*, I made a HL model of Purple Tentacle! Of course, it looks like a party hat as PTDC so HILARIOUSLY put it, and there are many things that certainly need tweaking and will probably never be tweaked. But because it's my first model, you all have to pat me on the back and tell me how excellent it is. And if I ever catch anyone playing with a different model that actually works PROPERLY and has MORE than three animations, then I shall be very upset. *A lie.
  16. To put it frankly, in the least offensive manner I can think of, you are a complete tool. RECORD a GRIM FANDANGO SPEED RUN? Why not load up Word and see how many pages you can fill by simply holding down the "E" key! Print them out for proof! You should try doing speed runs of films, too. You could set the fastest ever time for watching 'Citizen Kane' if you got a DVD player with a 16X fast-forward function! Sorry, that was mean. Carry on!
  17. I love Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Joss Whedon (platonically), but mixing them both together does seem to produce crap. ;D Alien 3 got cussed up a lot too, didn't it? With Mr David Fincher of Se7en & Fight Club fame directing, too. I quite liked it, but I saw it before the first two films and was therefore not annoyed by what happened to all the survivors. The only thing that annoys me about Alien VS Predator is that it's set on bloody EARTH. Oh, and the fact that it's crap. As for Terminator 3, I thought it was quite good - it was always going to be a shameless squeeze of a franchise that had peaked, but what spurted out was alright. Edited for sense!
  18. Back to the Future was directed by Robert Zemeckis. Spielberg was an Executive Producer.
  19. Spielberg was dead against the Jaws sequels, and didn't direct the third Jurassic Park film. The studio is to blame! I think if the studio wanted to make Schindlers List 2: Judgement Day, then they probably could. The studio is watching you right now. Oh, Jurassic Park 3 wasn't that bad anyway. I thought it was a lot better than the second. If they make another one, then so what? It's not like we have to see it - unless the studio say so, that is.
  20. Isn't Counter-Strike source just Counter-Strike, albeit with shinier graphics and a lot less maps? I would certainly be down for a Counter-Strike get-together though. Bombing an innocent bunch of boxes is where it's at. Also PT is correct, UT CTF is in fact a win. If anyone knows some excellent custom maps that rival the definitive flag-capturing experience that is "FACE", then please pour those guts of knowledge onto this thread. The only thing that ruins FACE flag-capping is the bloody redeemer. :~
  21. Alien is the man. I enjoyed The Stand very much so, best Stephen King book ever. The last books I read were 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time' by Mark Haddon (which was excellence indeed), and 'The Hannibal Lector Trilogy' by Thomas Harris, which was also quite good. Both books were stolen from the 'take a book, leave a book' table on holiday, and my guilt forced me into paying extortionate amounts of money for English newspapers to replace them. :~ I am currently rereading The Catcher in the Rye, and on Wednesday I shall risk damaging my street-cred by venturing into charity shops in search of more bookses.
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