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  1. May I just say... This forum has nothing to do with Star Wars, so the fact that I dont like it as much as everyone else is not too important to normal people - like - erm - Monkey-Wrench
  2. I dunno But I been on this forum 10 seconds and I already pissed off some Star Wars fans
  3. LOL I cant beleive that you take things so seriously! Star Wars is NOT the best movie ever IN MY OPINION I am entitled to MY OPINION and MY OPINION is: Star Wars By the way. I AM NOT A TREKKIE. In fact I have never seen an episode in my life. I am not a Star Wars disliker, but the hype and the die-hard fans are easily annoyed, and after all, I am 5 years old as the obviously mature "Al-back from the BigWhoop" pointed out. BTW, some sarcasm in that last sentence - figure it out If you want to find out how old I am, I am 16. And I seriously doubt anyone who has posted in this thread is much older. Star Wars is an OK movie. Better movies include Citizen Kane, Clerks, Shawshank...SW is extremely overated, in MY OPINION As for having no taste in movies? hmmm....all I did was throw up on Star Wars and you made your judgment from that? Harry Potter = Well written children books - I have read them, and they are great books. Just not as good as LotR.
  4. Look forward to more Monkey-Wrench abuse on this forum if I'm not banned. Oh, hi Monkey-Wrench
  5. NO. And fender. See that button in your sig? bs3.escapemi.com? WELL I MADE THAT ALONG WITH A FEW OTHER OF THAT DAMN SITES GRAPHICS BUT DOES JOJO- GIVE ME CREDIT? NOOO... Tell him hi from scabb.
  6. Why, I do believe that Monkey Island is not popular enough for LEC even to consider making a racing game. And it's a stupid idea. WHY AM I RESPONDING TO THIS POST???
  7. Fuck Star Wars. Fuck Harry Potter. Lord Of The Rings is gonna win. I don't know what the contest is, but LORD OF THE RINGS WINS!!!!! What can I say...It's a great book and the movie will be also superb good. DISAGREE with me and Ill throw you in a room with Monkey-Wrench & lock the door !!! :evil: :barf:Star Wars
  8. This dude has made a script of the first game! He's changed a few details, written most of the dialogue, and I think this is actually quite a good script. Well, I thought I'd share it with you all - I cant quite recall the author, although I am sure he is named on the .doc file he e-mailed me. You may not post attachments. This is a b*tch. Ah well, I guess I can show you it if you beg the administrator to change this rule. I cant upload it currently. Escapemi servers not working, for me and a few other sites anyway (I am AGS). If you wanna look at this script, mail me and I will send you a copy elli.son@btinternet.com
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