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  1. I like your general ideas Max, especially the idea of making Makashi have only anti-saber bonuses, since it focusses on saber vs saber. Though, the bonus itself seems weird... disarming isn't really like Makashi... Something like making it able to parry attacks with swings would be more appropriate, or maybe causing heavier mishaps (ep3 obi wan and anakin get kicked down and force pushed) or maybe easier superbreak (ep2 obi wan loses saber lock). Also, maybe with Juyo you could dodge with less DP than with another style? I think it's 30 at the moment, maybe 25 with Juyo then? (Although, I'm not sure if it's really Juyo itself or Vapaad, which gives a big bonus to dodge ) I don't know, what do you think about it? Edit: (well, editted it before you repplied, and re-editted now ) Oh by the way, I have an idea about style-buying system. Instead of having 1, 2, or 5 styles according to offense level, I have 2 different ideas: 1) Buy as many styles as you want on their own (Hmmm... Soresu, Djem so, and Makashi, that will be... 12 points! [or something like that...] ) Though this might be a problem due to the offenser power... what would it become? So here comes my second idea: 2) You can choose 1, 2, or 3 styles according to your offense level. (Hmmm I got level 2 only, because I want jump 3 in this map, so I'll take Soresu for defense and hmm maybe Shii-cho for it's meditation FP regen boost with sense 3)
  2. Force protect could slowly drain your FP (according to your protect level) and reduce the DP loss when blocking saber swings. That would affect sabers.
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