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  1. The problem is that a realistic saber throw would mean instakill, and this makes obvious balance problems... But seeing a saber cut someone for 40 damage makes me sick... Maybe it should do same damage as a saber swing, but to balance it, it should be a very expensive skill, like grip or lightning, and have very short range, and also nerf the saber pull back (see below). Also, something about pulling saber backs to you, would it be possible to make force pull necessary to do it? Like... make that the player has to target his saber hilt, and press pull, if he is at the right range (depending on force pull level), the saber is successfully pulled, otherwise nothing happens.
  2. Heh, but doesn't that sound a bit weird? And it would mean they have infinite ammo...
  3. Critical DP should be at 20, it's the double of critical FP, and it's an ammount which allows you to block 1 more swing, but not more.
  4. Oh dear, why no FP drain? I found that idea very cool for Djem-so... :S And yes, I'm for removing the names, and just displaying : I II III IV V VI? (If only...) VII Dual Staff
  5. Really? Weird, it seems that when you have no MP, even the first shot is not always in the center of the crosshair...
  6. No Djem-so should not give MP, I disagree, Djem so tires the opponent, draining FP is the best for it. Makashi shouldn't have very high DP damage, but maybe MP damage (I also thought about giving MP damage to Juyo before, but since it already has high DP damage, it's a bad idea), and what about Shii-cho? I think I've heard Razor talk about some MP damage caused by Shii-cho. Waiting for response...
  7. Well, when blob gets removed, to power clone rifle a bit, what about making it as accurate as other guns? (WAIT BEFORE FLAME PLZ) It's unaccuracy would be made progressively with it's high rate, which makes MP go up fast, and accuracy go down fast. That way, you have at least 1 shot which will be accurate...
  8. Alright, why not, it will take a bit of time to get used to it, but it does sound good.
  9. Also, bowcaster should be just like E11 (no charged 5 shots, no bouncing shots), but should have less rate and more damage. Note about LMS: EVERYBODY should respawn, I know this is not MB2, but it would allow people to upgrade stuff even when they win.
  10. We already discussed a bit of time ago, we came out with the conclusion that when you die in game, it doesn't mean you are dead, but "out of the fight". We thought this wasn't worth the hard work it would need.
  11. Noooo manual block. Give it a very high DP cost, nearly like a dodge, but don't put a manual block :S
  12. So this means we would say "Fake" for "Windup Fake" and "Feint" for "Attack fake"?
  13. But blocking doesn't take FP, unless you are fighting a Djem-so user... And swings cost 1 FP... making it less is hard. What about making Djem-so drain 2 FP per swing (since it costs 2 FP to attack) and make Soresu and Makashi only lose 1 FP when blocking Djem-so? Also, if I understood what you meant, you want Shii-cho to give MP to the enemy, instead of Makashi?
  14. RazorAce, what do you mean with "Lower FP usage" for Makashi and Soresu? And do you mean Juyo should have no extra FP cost for attack fakes? (like dual now)
  15. Soresu is defensive against blasters, which means it focuses on keeping your self alive, not on killing the opponents, whereas Shien/Djem-so focuses on killing your opponent (gunner), that's why Soresu shouldn't be more accurate, but should cost less DP to deflect, and Djem-so be more accurate, but usual price.
  16. Basic feint doesn't make sense either. The word attack should be kept, so we know we are talking about the attack move, and not the windup one.
  17. Still, not to be confusing, we should call the 2 moves feint, and attack feint, attack feint being the offensive move, feint being the tap required to attack parry.
  18. Of course it looks good, but for such a big progressive system (slow XP gain), a permanent skill choice would be better (like lugor), but for OJP, it wouldn't. I'd prefer join a server with low points, quickly earn them during the game, leave, and restart the next day, because what will you do when you have full points? no more progressive system... Although, if this option can be toggled on/off on the server, why not.
  19. Well no, I'd still rather it to have burst fire or aim mode.
  20. Well, the thing is, to me, a feint is when you do as if you were striking, but you don't, so it sounds more like the windup fake. But if we keep saying "feint" for windup, and "attack feint" for attack fake, I'm for it. (like Jack, it seems.)
  21. Well, that nerfs pretty much, but like max, I don't think it's the right solution, but as a temp fix, alright.
  22. Then let's keep this for later, just a little for now. But why buff them for level 2? There are 3 levels...
  23. OK, I've thought a lot about these ideas, I've made a mix of what I like here and there with a few new things. A few general things: -Base DP damage- Shii-cho: 15 Makashi: 14 Soresu: 13 Shien/Djem-so: 17 Juyo/Vapaad: 16 Dual: 12 Staff: 11 -Concerning blocks, parries, etc.- Attack fakes deal 125% of normal DP damage. Parrying (and attack parrying) costs 50% of normal DP cost to block. Parrying an attack gives 3 MP to opponent. Parrying an attack fake gives 6 MP to opponent. Blocking an attack gives 1 MP to oppnent. Blocking an attack fake gives 0 MP to opponent. Attack parrying does not give any MP to opponent, it just "applies" the MP in a forced mishap. Running swings deal 150% of normal DP damage. -Concerning deflect- Defense level: 0) Deflects randomly in 180° (vertical and horizontal, a half sphere in fact) 1) Deflects randomly in 90° 2) Deflects randomly in 45° 3) Deflects randomly in 22.5° All of this is according to where from the shot came, 90° doesn't mean 90° randomly around crosshair, but 90° randomly where the shot came from (how the hell would you deflect a shot in your back and make it go in front of you? o_O') Manual deflections (by swinging, AND hitting the shot with saber) have 50% chance of reflecting the shot right in the crosshair, other wise, it just uses the randomness above. Blocking a shot costs 5 DP. -Conerning attacks- To me, there are 3 "stages", I don't know if it's correct, but it's the way I see it: Start Swing Transition Shii-cho: 1) Transition time of swings is halved 2) MP gain is reduced of 1 (any situation) 3) DP cost to block saber swings and shots is reduced of 1 Makashi: DP cost to block shots is increased of 1, attack fakes deal 1 MP to the defender 1) Start time of swings is halved 2) When the opponent is attack parried, he doesn't get the MP reduction 3) Attacks and attack fakes give 2 MP to the defender if he doesn't parry Soresu: 1) DP cost to block shots is reduced of 2 2) Parrying and attack parrying DP cost is halved. 3) Attacking an opponent in a slow bounce, heavy bounce, or stumble deals 150% DP Shien/Djem-so: 1) 150% of the other styles' swing speed (does not affect start time and transition time) 2) Deflections are more accurate of X (I'd need to know how much it is right now) 3) Attacking an enemy makes him lose 1 FP if he doesn't parry Juyo/Vapaad: 1) DP cost to dodge is reduced of 5 2) Running swings do 200% DP damage (instead of 150%) 3) Released attack fakes deal 125% of normal attack fake damage Dual: Low DP damage, but can hit 2 times with 1 attack 1) Never fully disarmed 2) No extra cost for attack fakes direction changes 3) Can parry while swinging (Because with 2 sabers you can have defense and attack at same time) Staff: Low DP damage, but can hit 2 times with 1 attack 1) Cannot be disarmed (at all) 2) Can block all around for no extra DP cost 3) Allows chain swings: everytime you attack the opponent and he doesn't parry, you get 1 extra attack point (AP) which is added to the next DP damage, it is cumulative.
  24. I agree. No buggy models, that totally ruins a good mod.
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