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  1. Razor, you've done so many amazing things ^^. I'd be glad if you did a cool jetpack.
  2. Indeed, /kill is still a problem, even if you get kicked if you use it too much. I dont' think it's the solution. Maybe remove 10% of your points everytime you /kill?
  3. Give it a try , but don't expect much, OJP is unplayed and unknown. Just do it for fun.
  4. What about making weight affect also your jump height and/(or if not possible) FP cost? Like 5 (or 8 if you really want a very high jump cost) FP + weapon weight (1 for saber, pistol, 2 for E11 thermal, 3 for bowcaster, disruptor, det packs, 4 for clone rifle, rocket launcher).
  5. Change. Either max's aim mode, or a burst fire of 3 shots very quickly.
  6. Ok, but if the jetpack's source is not avaible, I suggest you implement MB2 jetpack system, still better than that weird JKA one.
  7. I'm against the saved XP because it's a quick progressive system, not a long and slow gain of levels etc... And the points can be set by server (min and max). As for the clan thing, I don't really care, it might be a lot of work for not much, though. Note: an MMORPG with like 16 players is very very boring. It's not an MMORPG, but a MORPG (not massively)
  8. Some can't be completed in MP? Is it because it uses stuff from SP engine which are not in MP's?
  9. My knockdown system would nerf absorb. KICK BLOB OUT !!!! Replace it with either a fast burst of 3 shots, or with Max's Aim mode. What about this : People who spend points in gunnery menu can't go higher than level 2 in force powers. People who spend points in force menu can't go higher than level 2 in gunnery. Although, this messes with my knockdown system (the force resistance will be took weak), but to balance all of that, adding Max's aim mode and make it boost force resistance value would be a good idea. This would both nerf a few things, and improve the gunner side of OJP.
  10. Well, this is repeating, but MB2's jetpack is like... perfect, isn't it? Also I need to try out that promod 3, is it jk2 only? I played promod 2 on jk2, where you had a level in using gun and items...
  11. I'm for different PK3's. -Main OJP -Maps -Models + hilts
  12. FFA, duel, jedi master, coop when I play alone or with bots. FFA, TFFA, CTF on max's server with people.
  13. By the way, why only these maps? Is it because other's cant be played in MP? Or is it because it's a lot of work? Just wondering...
  14. For the jetpack, I'd say MB2 way (I know this is not moviebattles blablawhatever, yet their jetpack is pretty good). To nerf hybrids, maybe make the allowed force power level be the current level of seeing, so to get absorb 3, you'd need seeing 3, which costs more points, points which won't be used in gunnery. Still to nerf hybrids, what about my knockdown system I proposed a few weeks ago?
  15. Yes because nowadays, people love mods which give you models and maps, they mainly look at that (look at kotf's success... because it's a model pack). Although it needs a theme not to be messy, but I don't know what kind of theme yet. I think that Hapslash and VM models should be included for sure, for their high quality (the best models I've ever seen).
  16. Also, the jump feeling is poor (this comes with basejka), I think MB improves that when you have jump 3, it really seems you jump, you go way faster in air, dunno if you get what I mean. Look at how obi wan jumped on the catwalk in ep 1, it took him like 0.5 sec to reach it, in jka, and in OJP as it is now, it would take like 2 sec. Also the jump sound is... stupid? useless? pointless? I'm for a removal. (Not of jump, of jump sound...)
  17. g_allowbodydodge 0/1 g_dodgeregentime x (msec) g_forceregentime x (msec)
  18. What's the point in playing OJP if you don't use its amazing saber system... MB2 has a poor, but yet very easy saber system, that must be why... But you know, avoiding difficulty is not always the solution, you could learn OJP saber system, and then play with it, which is far less boring, nearly every fight is unique, contrary to MB2. And another problem is : you can't replace OJP sabersys by MB2 sabersys, because MB2 isn't open source.
  19. Although, force power spam must not ruin saber fights, we have to keep that in mind, OJP must not become a force power mod, the core is the amazingly rich saber system.
  20. Maybe seeker should have pistol damage and not E11? It's already auto aim and controllable...
  21. Same, this one would be good for a clonetrooper game, which is not OJP. I like both the far cry style for its simplicity, and Tanq's for its "new design".
  22. Yes a new burst speed which progressively drains force. Not 50 or 10, but like 1 every 1/10 second or so, according to the level.
  23. As a true star wars lover, I don't like basejka fights, nor OJP basic's. I found, and hope I will always find what I'm looking for in OJP enhanced. Focus on it's perfection. It's the most important !
  24. I'm with you Razor. This looks pretty good. But does this apply to all parries? or attack parries only? (I think that getting parried doesn't cause slowbounce, does it? Only a forced mishap with a bit of MP makes a slow bounce, right?)
  25. Well I'm not sure of understanding. Does this mean that when the attacker suffers a slowbounce, instead of being frozen a while and then returning, he would not freeze but return even slower instead? Alright, this looks fine to me, could be an improvement.
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